Ghost Hunting At Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, Lincolnshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, Friday The 13th Of July.

Before describing what occurred on our ghost hunting event at The Old Nick, it would be rude not to once again say a big thank you to both John and Mo the custodians of The Old Nick, once again the pair of them lavished us with all our needs and wants to make sure the event ran so professionally. We begun the night with a large vigil in the theatre area which was once the magistrates court, as the group all held hands calling out for spirit activity a group of ghost hunters claimed to have heard tapping and heavy breathing from the back of them, on further inspection no one was in that area. One ghost hunter squealed in fright as he claimed that his camera bag that was around his shoulders, seemed to have been pushed away from his body by the unseen hands of the ghostly realm. It did indeed take a few minutes for this one brave ghost hunter to calm down, as he realised everyone was holding hands at the time of the incident. In this main group vigil many ghost hunters also claimed to have seen the dark face of spirit standing opposite of them, a brave regular ghost hunter called Paul claimed that he even saw a darkened face stare straight at him, this too was substantiated by James, Michael, and Lisa all stating the exact same thing as Paul, we also experienced some very good spiking in the group vigil too on the K2's. In a vigil with Jez in the male cells a group of ghost hunters split into two groups, while one group experienced some fantastic ouija board, with the glass spelling out some numbers that when asked if they were Policeman identification numbers the glass went to yes to the astonishment of the group. The second group in the area claimed to have heard the girlish giggle of a young girl in the room through the sound enhances, this incident absolutely blew the group away of James, Peter, and Ian who had experienced nothing like it before on a ghost hunting night. In a vigil with Stuart and Phil a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a female spirit who claimed to have worked at The Old Nick when it was a police station. The group asked numerous questions and gathered the following that her name was Ethel, and that she had lived until 1921 and had passed over at the age of 47 due to natural causes. This kind of spirit communication had the group enthralled as they pieced together Ethel's life story, she also stated that she had borne five children with two of them passing over at an early age. As the group said their goodbyes to Ethel they thanked her for communicating with them. Rebecca, Nicola and Paul claimed to have heard the distinct sound of growling through the sound enhances coming from the male cells too; each one was in a separate vigil as well. Rosey and Jo mentioned that in a vigil in the female wing they experienced some fantastic table tipping when making spirit contact yet again with Rosie, the female ghostly resident of The Old Nick who has made her presence felt on quite a number of our ghost hunts there in the past. Rosey and Jo also said that one brave ghost hunter Sam, while holding a lone vigil in the magistrates changing room with a pair of night vision goggles on and sound enhances came charging out of the room, claiming to have seen a dark mist rise in front of him and the sound of a deathly 'get out' through the sound enhances. All in all it was another active night of paranormal activity at The Old Nick, and as we left the building and looking forward to our next event there soon.