Ghost Hunting At Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, With Simply Ghost Nights. - 9th Dec 2011

Once again we must praise where praise is due to Mo, Gainsborough Old Nick theatres member of staff who ensured the event ran professionally and soundly with an informal chat about health and safety issues and was helpful with any of our requests. This was Simply Ghost Nights fourth event at Gainsborough Old Nick theatre, we had never been let down by the spirit world in terms of activity however would it be our unlucky fifth visit in respect of ghostly activity to this amazing building. The brave ghost hunters who had joined us at Gainsborough had all come along on a team building exercise from a major U.K company, some of the group were apprehensive, and others were very excited to be attempting spirit communication for the first time. As we introduced ourselves and explained the equipment and what entails on a Simply Ghost Night, it was obvious that some of the ghost hunters didn't want to be on a paranormal investigation and may have joined us reluctantly. As we explained that sceptics and believers in the afterlife, will always have differing opinions, but as a sceptic if you go with an open mind and try to bring some positive energy then who knows what might happen. We began with a group vigil in the theatre calling out for spirit communication, as the energies increased and more of the group becoming less inhibited the K2 suddenly started to spike from green to red. The group loved the continuous spiking of the K2. We then attempted table tipping in the centre of the group, as the volunteers gingerly walked to the table would the spirits tip or tap on the table for our team building ghost hunters? After some minutes of calling on the spirit world to move the table, the table creaked and began to vibrate into life with the ghost hunters fingers lightly on the table, the table a heavy card table began to slowly slide to the sheer excitement of the whole group. As everyone watched with a mixture of anticipation and eagerness the table suddenly began to tilt ever so slowly and finally lifted onto two legs to the amazement of Alan. Sue, Theo, Cheryl, and Siobhan. The table tipping experiment continued for a further five minutes before we spilt into smaller groups and began the paranormal investigation of Gainsborough Old Nick theatre. Rosey and Jo stated that in the theatre the table not only tipped up but spun on to one leg with the ghost hunters only slightly touching the table. This had the group in awe at what power the spirit world could demonstrate to those in our living plane. In a vigil with Stuart and Steve at the back of the theatre a spirit of a little girl called Emily communicated with the group via the ouija board, when asked her age Emily moved the glass to eight, Stuart asked if she had lived at the Police station with her parents at any point, and the glass moved to yes. Unfortunately when asked if she couldn't spell the glass went to yes, so asking some questions was rather difficult but never the less Emily entertained the group with just yes and no answers. In another vigil in the attic with Rosey and Jo they both exclaimed that the group heard particular heavy footsteps in the attic itself with no one in the room actually moving, two ghost hunters had to leave the room as they had suddenly become nauseas in the atmospheric attic room. Steve and Stuart were holding a vigil in the police cells with the group using the ouija board, the group communicated with a female spirit called Mary who had died at the age of 87 and had passed over in 1985, Mary when quizzed by the group stated that she had being a spinster with no children, and that she had worked at the building when she was alive. Both Mark and Philip mentioned that in one of the cells they had some really good glass work with a gentleman spirit who informed them that he too had worked at the building but refused to say in what capacity. To pursue the paranormal investigation further we had set up the C.C.T.V in the dressing room for our ghost hunters to observe any activity, Philip said that he had witnessed strange movements in the theatre room through the monitor. Mel and Simon retold how in a vigil in the male wing area in a table tipping experiment the table spun in a circle at such a rate the group were left captivated at the spectacle, Mel also said that many of the group saw the dark eerie movement of dark shadows moving around in the room. In the men's cells Jo was conducting calling out for ghostly inter action when the group kept hearing tapping on the table, Jo asked if the spectral prisoner was guilty of his crime, and the very next tap was so loud that it shook the group up for a few moments, Jo continued the spirit contact with the gentleman for some time more. As we again were beaten by the clock and we discussed with our brave ghost hunters the events of the night it seemed that many of the sceptics and believers had indeed enjoyed themselves equally on a Simply Ghost Night.