Ghost Hunting At Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway. - 1st Jun 2012

This was our sixth visit to one of Simply Ghost Nights favourite venues and yet again we were greeted by the ever cheerful John who was our host for the night. The Old Nick is now a working theatre but it used to be a police station with both male and female cells and a courtroom as well. It was from the Old Nick after sentencing that the criminals from the area they would be taken to Lincoln to serve their term at Her Majesty's Pleasure. We were once again joined by Simply Ghost Nights good friend Most Haunted's Chris Conway at the Old Nick on this occasion; we began with a psychic tour of the building with Chris. Chris picked up on a spirit called Freddie in the theatre room, Chris described Freddie as a former criminal who would certainly have being up before the judge on many occasions. In the male cells Chris also picked up the energy of a former policeman who Chris said was refusing to communicate with him or give him his name. We started the paranormal investigation with a group vigil in the theatre room, and to everyone's shock numerous of our ghost hunters claimed to see and describe the same ghostly face that appeared in front of their own faces. Chris considered that this was indeed Freddie who was attempting to frighten our brave ghost hunters by intimidating each of one of them. At the same time as Freddie was showing himself to the group, many of the group also witnessed a white bright light appear in the middle of the circle and move in a straight line then disappear just as quick as it had arrived to the excitement of the ghost hunters who had seen it. After all this sensational activity it was time to split into smaller groups and conduct a thorough investigation of the premises for any signs of the paranormal kind. In a vigil in the in the tea rooms with Simply Ghost Nights Jo, they at first heard some light tapping on request through the sound enhancers to begin with and then she split the men and the women up, the men stayed with Chris and Rosey and achieved some glass divination on the ouija board and the women all heard a really loud cackle that froze them to the core especially Hannah, Jolene and Alison. With so many ways of endeavouring ghostly contact through the spiritual medium of ouija boards, s�ances, and table tipping to name but a few, and then there is the use of electrical equipment such as, motion sensors, sound enhancers, E.M.F metres and so on. However in a vigil with Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart and a group of valiant ghost hunters had just used the ouija board to communicate with the spirit plane successfully when conversing with a policeman called Gordon. With this revelation Stuart suggested the group use the Franks box for further spirit contact. The group introduced themselves to Gordon and asked Gordon via the Franks box to call each one of our names out in turn , we clearly heard Paul, William, Stuart, Lee but not Vernon�s name unfortunately. Stuart asked Gordon did he not want to mention the women�s names around the table such as Denise, Sam, Debbie, and Elaine. The word no was heard clear as day from the Franks box. Paul asked Gordon would he like a lager, we all then heard the words no lager. This form of spirit corresponding to our questions is always fascinating to all of those who witness this kind of interaction. In an ouija board experiment with Simply Ghost Nights Jo, they spoke to the dreaded Freddie via the glass and asked him to try and attempt a session of table tipping Jo described how the table was dancing round the theatre and chasing her, to the delight of Debbie, Lee, Paul and Sam. In a vigil with Claire and Phil they mentioned how much of a fascinating time they had communicating with a spirit in the men�s cells with Ian, Lynne, DJ and Donna. The spirit was of a child who had claimed to have had died at an early age and this had a morose effect on the group especially Ian. Yet again we were beaten by the hands of time and our brilliant night at the Old Nick was over yet again too quickly, we were once again treated to an amazing display of paranormal activity from the spirit world.