Ghost Hunting At Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, With Simply Ghost Nights

We must once again thank John the custodian of The Old Nick Theatre for his sterling effort in making us all welcome once again, and in helping the team run the event so smoothly. The one question that the Simply Ghost Nights team asked was could Old Nick Theatre live up to it's reputation as one of Gainsborough's most haunted locations? On our previous two visits to this lovely old building, the spirit world had provided so much paranormal activity that it now holds a special place in our hearts. Would we be disappointed, what was in store for our brave ghost hunters, would the spirits of Gainsborough refuse to entertain us? Basically… no, we were treated to an array of paranormal activity that only endeared the Simply Ghost Nights team to this location even more. In the theatre a group were enthralled when the table literally went mad in a table tipping experiment, so much so that it actually spun on open leg to the amazement of Darren, Vi and Mel. Also in the same vigil the group were delighted when the K2 metre lit up like a Christmas tree on request to the group's questions. Hazel shrieked when she felt the cold hands of the spirit world pull on her trouser and the feeling of her face been squeezed. In the cells Rosey and Sandra spotted an extremely bright light on Rosey's leg for around five seconds then strangely disappear into thin air. Also in a vigil in the cells Michaela, Leah, Jamie, and Jess were amazed when making spirit contact with a former police officer, who had worked at the police station many years previously. Stephen, Karen, Paul and Isabelle also found an Ouija board experiment fascinating when they communicated with another former police officer named Edward. Interestingly Wayne, Angela, Norman and Keith all stated at the beginning of the night that they were all major sceptics in the paranormal and it would take something extraordinary to change their minds regarding ghostly going ons and the afterlife. At the end of the night all four of them declared that the nights events had opened up their eyes and that what they had seen at Gainsborough had indeed given them some food for thought regarding paranormal activity and the possibility of an afterlife. When on an event if a sceptical ghost hunter can experience something during the course of a ghost hunting event, that it could alter there view on the paranormal world then the spirit world have truly obliged in providing some form of ghostly activity that may ask more questions than answers for any ghost hunter. For this reason that is why the Simply Ghost Nights team adore the Old Nick theatre as the spirits there provide so much paranormal activity to entertain all our brave ghost hunters.