Ghost Hunting At Gilesgate Barracks, County Durham, With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway,

This was Simply Ghost Nights first ever investigation of the Gilesgate Barracks in Durham, the barracks have had reported ghost activity for years and at one time these barracks were used a smallpox hospital which also had a morgue to store many deceased bodies, strangely enough there are many ghost stories reported in this area in particular, so with this in mind The Gilesgate barracks was a must to hold a paranormal investigation. We were joined at Gilesgate barracks by our good friend and Most Haunted's television medium Chris Conway, as we walked around the barracks we were all filled with anticipation of who would come and visit us from the ghostly world of The Gilesgate Barracks. We begun the night with a group vigil where in one of the larger rooms many of our ghost hunter proclaimed to have been touched on the head and one ghost hunter claimed to have felt the cold breathe of an incarnate body blow on her ears. With some banging reported as well and the occasional spiking on the K2 meters we felt it was time to move into smaller groups and investigate the barracks thoroughly.  In the great hall a group of ghost hunters with Treena and Phil had great communication via taps on the table on request; Chris considered that he felt that it was the energies of two children in the room called James and Robert. The group managed to get some yes/no communication going with them via the glass and they told the group that their ages were seven and nine and also that they were orphaned brothers who had died in the location from Smallpox. The two spirit children also confirmed they were holding onto one of the guests Kerry's legs when she noted she was feeling cold around her legs. Treena checked with the laser temp and took a reading from her legs which were seventeen and the guest next to her had a reading of twenty four, could this have been caused by the spirit children to affect the temperature of our guest. In a vigil with Jez and Stuart the spirit of a woman made spirit contact with the group, Stuart said that he felt that the woman was a nurse from the days of the barracks been a Smallpox hospital, and that her name was Anne this was confirmed to the group through an ouija board experiment, the group learned that Anne had lived locally and that she was caring and considerate to everyone and also that she wanted to communicate with the group. Jez also mentioned that a group of ghost hunters were  ecstatic when they were attempting a table tipping experiment when the table started to rock to and fro, Jez explained that each participant had their  hands slightly on the table and to the groups amazement the table tipped onto two legs to the groups squeals of delight.  In a vigil with Treena and Mark one female guest said one of her ears was burning again so Treena checked both ears with the temperature laser gun one measured twenty nine and the other one was nineteen, with no breeze in evidence and no logical reason could this yet again be the how spirits effected a brave ghost hunter on a personal level. In another vigil a group had amazing table tapping on request from a little nine year old girl who had linked with the group called Vera. She too had been at this location when it was a hospital and she knew of Robert and James. She proceeded to move the table for the group which amazed all the guests which were all male and some who didn't believe were soon converted and open-mouthed at what Vera could do. She particularly liked Simon and she went on to say he reminded her of her dad via the ouija board. The two children also asked for a ghost hunter by the name of Paul to dance for them, as he reminded them of their old teacher called Mr. Barnes, via the ouioja board and without having to be asked our brave ghost hunter Paul danced a little jig for the children. Yet again the spirits never let us down with their display of interacting or communicating on a paranormal investigation, with K2 spiking on request mentioned from most team leaders it was truly an enjoyable night and we certainly look forward to next visit to The Gilesgate Barracks.