Ghost Hunting At Haigh Hall, Manchester, Lancashire, With Simply Ghost Nights.

This was the Simply Ghost Nights team first event at this impressive building, the building has had a chequered past and was now in the hands of the local council. As we drove down the winding road leading to Haigh Hall, we were full of anticipation what with the vastness of Haigh Hall, what with the maze of corridors and rooms on three floors we were so excited at the prospect of holding a paranormal investigation. As the team were checking all the equipment prior to the event commencing and before any guests had arrived, we all heard the all mightiest racket from an adjoining room, Rosey shouted who's going to see what that noise was, Phil, Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigator replied bravely I'll go, I'm your man, and quickly sped to see what had happened. As Phil entered the adjoining room to see what had made the noise, he looked into one corner of the room and saw nothing, he then turned around and witnessed in a different corner, and stared in disbelief at a giant black crow trying to enter the building through a window. Was this a warning or an omen from the spirit realm regarding the paranormal investigation at Haigh Hall, would the spirit world cast us into a cauldron of doom or would we witness paranormal activity that would take us on a journey to the edge of heaven. This incident totally amazed the Simply Ghost Nights team, it was just like a scene from a movie and brought a smile to all of us. As our guests arrived everyone was so excited to be at Haigh Hall for a paranormal investigation, however would the spirits be as receptive and be willing to communicate as much as we would. We begun our nights investigation by splitting into three smaller groups to see which spirits would wish to communicate with ourselves. In a vigil with Jo and Rosey in the upper floor the group were fascinated when using the ouija board when they made spirit contact with a former maid of Haigh Hall, the made claimed to be called Mabel. Mabel said she was on our earthly plane in the 1870's, Mabel claimed to have passed over to the spirit side at the age of 34, she claimed to have died due to natural causes. This claim had the group feeling very sympathetic and compassionate  to Mabel. In a vigil with Stuart and Phil in the attic area, the group of brave ghost hunters made ghostly contact via the ouija board with the spirt of a child, the child was a girl of about 5 or 6 and had lived in the house years ago, the girl was accompanied by the spirt of a lady who was aged 58 and had been a school mistress to the girl on the earth plane. This experience had Linda, Carol, Deborah, Gemma, and Michelle speechless. The group then attempted a table tipping experiment, and to their surprise the table moved slowly and then tipped onto two legs to the groups delight, the group then one by one stepped away from the table and on request the table tipped to each individual who had stepped away from the table. In another vigil Alan stated in disbelief that he had heard through the sound enhances, it's mine, when in the massive vault where it was claimed that the previous owners kept their money and important documents. Rosey and Jo spoke how in a vigil with Rebecca, Brett, Kevin, Katey, Natasha, and Charlie, the table tipped onto one leg and spun around in a circle to the laughing and giggling of the group who witnessed it. Jez and Treena spoke of how in a vigil on the bottom floor of Haigh Hall, they commented on how they made contact via glass divination with a gentleman spirt resident, who claimed to have being a butler at the house and when working at the Hall had being high in the service of the hall as well. All in all it was a successful investigation of this spacious venue, we encountered so much various activity such as one brave ghost hunter called Brett hearing ghostly footsteps in an empty room, Kevin another ghost hunter hearing the sound of rustling, we had fantastic table tipping, ouija board and tapping too. Haigh hall is another venue to add to the Simply Ghost Nights diary.