Ghost Hunting at Hyde Town Hall with Simply Ghost Nights - 19th Nov 2011

Our ghost hunt at Hyde Town Hall was absolutely fantastic with a series of paranormal happenings which had us all completely stunned and totally flabbergasted. We must thank Lee the Host for Hyde Town Hall. and even though he stayed in the security guards office throughout the night he helped the event run as smooth as possible by making sure our guests were aware of the areas to smoke and what to do in the event of a fire etc. The vast Victorian building provides an unrivalled choice of areas for investigation which range from the beautiful and ornate Mayor's Parlour, and imposing hall and staircase to the atmospheric former prison cells, grim, damp and decaying cloakrooms, original but roofless mortuary and bleak prisoners' exercise yard. As one of our groups conducted a séance in the original Ballroom we were treated to a staggering amount of evidence of ghostly activity.  As we began to recieve communication from various knocks and bangs in the room Samantha and Rosey both saw at the same time a flash of light from behind the doors which lead to the stage, as they were excidedly telling everyone Lee looked over and gasped in shock and was absolutly sure he had witnessed a dark figure in the same area. We could not debunk this as the doors were indeed locked so who or what was behind those doors remains a mystery we will never forget. We then made communication with a spirit who was claiming to be approx 80 years old and had previously worked at the town hall. We could not believe what happened next.. To the utter amazement of Sam, Lee, Andy and Jez the table started to move around the dancefloor with such speed we had to take it in turns to let go as we simply could not keep up. We all agreed to try to keep the speed down we would just place one single finger on the table but this did not help as the table spun around at such speed and lifted off the floor onto one leg. This had the whole team flabbergasted! Lee then suggested the spirit move the table to where he was standing and the table almost flew across the dancefloor to the very spot Lee had seen the figure earlier. Flashing lights were also seen throughout the night and in most of the vigil areas some powerful table tipping was also accompanied by a distinct and unique vibration which many of us had never experienced before. It was as though the table was buzzing or shuddering under our hands separately to the movement which was produced. Although some of the groups who had a couple of sceptics in of were unlucky and did not get as much activity it makes us think once again about our theory that sceptics seem to have a undesired effect on the activity.  It really does pay to come with a very open mind and enjoy the night. Our ghost hunt at Hyde Town Hall was completely electrifying and produced an array of unexplained and exciting occurrences to challenge the staunchest of sceptics and thrill the most experienced of paranormal investigators. It was one of our best ever and one which we will all be discussing for a long time to come.