Ghost Hunting At Jedburgh Castle Jail, Scotland, With Simply Ghost Nights, 6th April 2013

This was the Simply Ghost Nights team first visit to Jedburgh  jail which sits neatly on top of a hill you see the imposing silhouette of the castle in all it's glory. As we were greeted by the friendly Elliot the custodian of the Castle we were lead through corridors into the hub of the building. The castle is split into three cell blocks and the main building too with so many areas to investigate and steeped in so much history Jedburgh castle is a must for any intrepid paranormal investigator.  We began with a group vigil in one of the cell blocks with prison cells running down each side and a similar layout upstairs too. As we held hands in a circle calling out for spirit communication we all heard tapping coming from an empty cell further up the corridor. At about the same time a K2 spiked to Morag's and James excitement and Keith suddenly exclaimed that he had seen a figure near the stairs of the cell block. As we continued to call out in the empty cell block when all of a sudden we all heard the unmistakable sound of a heavy cell door opening from the vacant floor above us, as Simon and David went up to investigate the noise they found no one up there and the fact that it was a wind less night as well added to our consternation. We then broke up into smaller groups in our quest for spirit communication at Jedburgh Castle jail. In one of the other cell blocks the group attempted an ouija board experiment, however it soon became clear that the spirits would only communicate with a Scottish voice or a Geordie accent , this meant when Stuart, Rosey, Simon and Mel called out there was no response. It was as though the spirits of Jedburgh castle jail refused to speak to the more southern accented members of the ghost busters. The group made spiritual contact with a former inmate called William who claimed to have been a debtor and that he had been married. When Morag asked him his age the glass went to 47, Caroline asked if he was from Jedburgh and the glass moved to yes. The group continued to ask personal questions and William answered them and the group built up a picture of his life in and around the Castle jail. In another jail cell a group attempted table tipping and to their amazement after calling out to the spirit world the table begun to tip which delighted Keith, James Donna, and David as the table tipped to each participant in turn the group asked for the table to spin and spirits of Jedburgh duly obliged and the table began to spin. We then conducted a Victorian séance and asked for the spirits to tap on the table on request which the spirits copied our own tapping on the table. As the spirits copied our tapping on the table Morag and Simon both said that they had seen a ghostly shadow moving along the corridor. With the K2s spiking on request the spirits of Jedburgh castle were really making an effort to communicate with our group of brave ghost hunters. We also experienced incarnate voices as well to the group's excitement. With so much activity we were quickly beaten by the clock and the event had to come to an end it had been one of the best experiences we had seen for sometime, as we thanked our guests, Elliot and the spirits of Jedburgh castle for all their assistance with communicating with our brave ghost hunters we made our way to our cars and the journey home still buzzing with excitement with what we had witnessed at Jedburgh Castle jail.