Ghost Hunting At Kershaw House, Halifax, West Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway, 3rd August 2012

This was Simply Ghost Nights second visit to Kershaw House and indeed it was Chris Conway's as well. Our first visit had been an insurmountable hive of paranormal activity from the spirit world. What we wanted to know was would our second visit be as memorable, and enjoyable. We were again greeted by Chris who made us all welcome into his house; Kershaw House is what could be described as a quaint archetypal British old public house. Although not the biggest location there is Kershaw House does offer more than enough rooms and areas to make ensure that you have plenty vigil areas to hold an excellent investigation. The night begun with a psychic chat with Chris Conway and the team to inform our brave ghost hunters what would be happening in the due course of the ghost hunt, for example what equipment they would be using and how to correctly use it. After the initial chat it was time to break up into smaller groups and attempt ghostly communication with the other side. In a vigil with Jo and Jez in one of the downstairs room, they spoke of how in a table tipping experiment the table rocked to and fro, and as the group of ghost hunters  laughed and giggled excitedly at this display of spirit power the table rocked even more vigorously to the merriment of Alex, Sam and Steve. Jez and Jo also mentioned that some of the ghost hunters had heard the sound of voices through the sound enhances. In a vigil with Stuart and Kathy in the main room upstairs, a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a former resident of Kershaw House through the ouija board, however the former resident informed the group that she had lived in the village in the 1790's, and that she had being married, through yes and no the group learned that had given birth to numerous children as this was all the group could gleam from the spirit lady as she could not spell and it was a case of yes and no. Stuart and Kathy also described how two ghost hunters were using the sound enhances and spoke of how they heard the sound of a guttural laugh bellowing from within the room, no one else heard the laugh except for the two ghost hunters who were using the sound enhances. Jez and Jo were in the snooker room when Sam a brave ghost hunter shrieked that she had seen a dark shadow move in front of the group, Bev also said she had seen the dark shadow too at the same time as Sam. As our night came to an end at Kershaw House, we agreed that the spirits had indeed entertained us once more at this lovely old building.