Ghost Hunting At Kershaw House, Halifax, With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway, - 2nd Jun 2012

This was our first event at Kershaw house and as we drove to Halifax to Kershaw House, we considered would the spirits be receptive to our requests for spirit communication. We were greeted by Susan, Steve and Chris the owner of Kershaw house, who were to be our hosts for this sell out event at Kershaw house. Legend has it that the two most famous sightings are two nuns who were hung, beheaded and then drawn and quartered here can be seen each year riding in a carriage up the hill to the house, this dramatic history of Kershaw House we could not wait to investigate this old building. We were joined at Kershaw house by Simply Ghost Nights good friend Most Haunted�s Chris Conway. We were all excited and as we toured the building before any of our guests had arrived, we spoke of how the energies in the building felt really strong, we felt it could be an active event however we wouldn't have too long to wait to find out if our feelings would be proven correct. After all our ghost hunting guests had arrived we begun with an informative chat from Chris on the paranormal world, and what may be in store for us at Kershaw House. As we split into three groups to investigate the building all our brave ghost hunters were filled with trepidation and excitement. In a vigil with Mel and Simon, the group were calling out for spirit activity when all of a sudden, Mel said that she could see a figure behind Chris Conway, this was also substantiated by Emma, Simon, Rosey, and Julie.  Who also saw and described the same figure and then a few minutes later Rosey screamed out as she felt hands grab her back, Rosey spun around to see who it was and to her consternation there was no one stood behind her. Later on in the same vigil Emma a brave ghost hunter felt something tug the hood on her hooded top, so much so Emma just like Rosey emitted a frightening scream. With the excitement and energy growing what else would this public house have to offer in the way of paranormal activity. In a vigil with Stuart in the snooker room the group communicated with a spirit gentleman called William via the ouija board, the group were fascinated to delve further into the unknown with William as the group asked numerous questions and received relevant answers to their questions. William claimed to have worked in the house up until 1786, although he did not die in the house before passing over to the spirit plane aged 46 years old. However this paled into significance when the group attempted a table tipping experiment and to the joy and enthusiasm of Brett, Jo, Mandy, Rebecca and Babs the table tipped onto two legs to the groups amazement and also the table tipped to each member of the group on request, as Babs stated later that she had never witnessed anything like it in her life. Also in this vigil the group had some fantastic spiking on the K2 meter that was on the pool table on request as well. In a vigil with Jez and Treena they described how they made spirit contact with a child aged 8 by the name of Jacob, Jacob could not read or right but through yes and no the group ascertained that he had died of some of respiratory problems possibly whooping cough. They described how Jacob claimed to have lived in the house years ago however Jacob did not know the date when he was on our earth plane, or who was king or queen. One point has to made Jez mentioned that he was wearing a plastic wrist band, when he actually saw and felt it been pulled away from his wrist this shows the lengths that the ghostly realm will go to get our attention. Another source of spirit communication heard by numerous ghost hunters was the voices and moaning heard through the sound enhancers, in fact Brett described how he indeed heard a voice say yes to him, and Richard who participated in a lone vigil in the priests hole in the upstairs room. Richard stated that the temperature dropped by eight degrees in a matter of seconds as shown on the temperature gun. However Richard said he distinctly heard through the sound enhancers heavy breathing, and a growling noise in the small priest hole in which he was by himself. Yet again the spirit world had come out to communicate with the Simply Ghost Nights team and it's brave ghost hunters who had made the journey to Halifax to attempt spirit communication at Kershaw House.