Ghost Hunting At Knottingley Town Hall, West Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights & TV’s Chris Conway, 27th July 2012

This was Simply Ghost Nights third visit to Knottingley Town Hall, and our good friends Chris Conway's first ever event there. We wondered would the spirit world entertain Chris as they had entertained ourselves on our previous two visits. After a mediumistic walk around with Chris, who picked up on the spirit of two children in the main hall, Chris said that they were dressed as though from the Victorian times, and in the cellars Chris picked up on the energy of a gentleman of the cloth, (coincidentally years earlier Simply ghost Nights had encountered the spirit of a monk in the exact same room, unbeknown to Chris), Chris considered one side of the cellar to be of love and light and the other side to have a more sinister side to it, one thing was for certain we would soon find out!!! In what we called the 'dark side' cellar a group of ghost hunters were stunned in a table tipping experiment when the table literally tipped onto one leg and began to spin around to the excitement of Tracey, Abigail, Lee, Will, Rob and Chris Conway himself, at the same time as the table tipping Jez spoke of how the K2 metres also started to spike from green to red. Everyone who took part in the vigil in the dark side cellar all claimed to feel rather uneasy in the room, as though the eyes of something sinister from another world were watching them. In what we deemed the good cellar in a vigil with Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart, the group were using the ouija board when they made spirit contact with a man of the cloth, the group asked questions and ascertained his first initial to J, the group said is it John, the glass immediately went to 'Yes', to the delight of the group. As the group asked questions and the glass kept going to 2360, Chris who sat back away from the table with Stuart asked 'is this a biblical quote', the glass went to 'Yes.' Stuart then went onto Google on his phone and entered 2360 biblical quote, so too did another ghost hunter and the pair were shocked when the following passage was found ' Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.' Matt a brave ghost hunter asked do you want us to keep asking questions, and the glass went to 'yes' After this revelation the group carried on asking 'John' questions regarding his life on earth to the joy of, Sue, Joe, Edward, Matt and Abi. In a vigil in the main hall with Treena, the group could hear talking from the kitchen, on further inspection of the kitchen they found no one there. Treena also spoke of the group experiencing the table rocking to and fro in the main hall as well. The group also encountered some fantastic table knocking too. The main hall provided an amazing white noise phenomena display from the ghosts of Knottingley Town Hall. In a vigil with Stuart in the Main hall using the ouija board, the group made contact with a spirit lady from the 1940's, Stuart felt that the lady used to love to dance and so played Vera Lynne through the his phone, the glass moved so slowly and has Judy remarked it was though she was dancing. Stuart decided to use the Franks box as well as the ouija board, one of the group asked if Stuart would play some Glenn Miller on his phone, Stuart duly obliged and the glass continued to move. The group dispensed with the glass and solely used the Franks box, they asked 'do you want to dance to Vera Lynne or Glenn Miller', to the shock and amazement instantly the group heard 'Glenn Miller', the group sat in silence momentarily then all uttered together 'it said Glenn Miller', this moment will live with all that heard it for a long time. As we were again beaten by the sands of time we all considered the fact that we had indeed been treated to a paranormal feast of activity from the spirit world. As we made our way home we related back to one another what we had seen, heard and felt at Knottingley Town Hall.