Ghost Hunting at Knottingley Town Hall With Simply Ghost Nights - 30th Mar 2012

This was Simply Ghost Nights first visit in nearly a year to Knottingley Town Hall and civic room, the building was now used for a variety of different usages, a dance studio, the main hall for weddings and parties, and some of the smaller rooms were for meetings. So with this in mind the building had certainly had a colourful past and the number of people who had worked in it over the years must have being plentiful, and we were hoping that some of these former workers who had passed over would come through and make ghostly contact with us. We were greeted by Trina who showed us the exits, smoking areas and all the health and safety issues before our ghost hunting guests arrived. When all our intrepid ghost hunters had arrived, we then embarked on a tour of the building where Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights resident medium picked up on the energies of a former worker by the name of Gerald, who Stuart claimed was watching the group with great excitement. Also Stuart picked up on the spirit of another gentleman spirit by the name of Lewis who was watching them while they were down the cellars. Stuart said Lewis had worked in the building circa 1920s due to the clothes he was wearing. However one of the most bizarre occurrence happened in what we termed the panelled room, it was during the tour of the building when Stuart was explaining what phenomena the group should look out for on a paranormal investigation. Stuart spoke about the time they had witnessed light phenomena in hotel many years ago, when as if prompted by Stuart unseen ghostly hands turned the lights on in the room, nobody was within eight or ten feet of the light switch, this amazed everyone of the team and ghost hunters a like. Was this a precursor of what would happen later in the night, we would not have long to wait to find out as we took in a light refreshment from the eight piece buffet, and then broke upto into smaller groups to conduct our quest for spirit interaction. In a vigil in the cellars with Rosey and Jo, Lee a ghost hunter stood up to investigate the sound of footsteps or shuffling when all of a sudden he shrieked loudly as stone or pebble came rolling towards him from the empty cellar corridor, the group ran around and found three stones on the floor, they moved them in a circle and Jo threw one of them to recreate the sound, when they went back 10 minutes later the stones had all moved further down the cellars. Lee has being on many ghost hunts and later claimed this incident left him visibly shaken, and Treena who witnessed this also said that it was also a strange experience to have witnessed. In a vigil with Stuart in one of the conference rooms a spirit called Margaret came through via the ouija board and communicated with a group of ghost hunters, Margaret claimed to neither have worked or have any connection with Knottingley Town Hall whatsoever to the consternation of Stuart and the group. Margaret informed the group that she had being married to Michael and had two children, but the fact that she had no connection to the building was a little perplexing to Stuart and the group, until Stuart Asked if Margaret if Michael had worked at Knottingley Town Hall and the glass then moved to yes to the excitement of the group.  Through the ouija board Margaret gave out fascinating details of her past life on the earth plane to the group who found this incident a thought provoking experience. In a vigil with Jez and Steve in the cellars, Jez mentioned how a group of ghost hunters were treated to some fantastic glass work by the spirit of a child who unfortunately could not read or write too well, but communicated brilliantly via yes and no via the ouija board. Steve also remarked that they had seen some fantastic table tipping as well in this vigil too. Steve mentioned that a ghost hunter stated that they had seen dark shadows moving in the corridors of the cellars through the night vision goggles, could these dark shadows that had earlier thrown the stone towards Lee and moved the stones that Rosey and Jo�s group had noticed had been moved in the cellars earlier. In a vigil with Stuart in the dance hall a group were calling out for spirit activity when Becky claimed her hair had being pulled and then Lisa suddenly leapt forward saying she had heard incarnate voices through the hear enhancers and that it had totally freaked her out. At the same time a ghost hunter said that he could see the figure of a child at the far end of the room, as the whole group turned to look in the direction of the possible sighting of a ghostly child they all exclaimed that they could indeed see the shadowy figure of a child. This incident absolutely amazed the entire group witnessing the sight of ethereal shadow moving in the dark recesses of the room. In a vigil with Andrew and Philip a group clearly heard the sound of tapping on the table repeated back to them, Andrew mentioned that when they tapped four times the heard four taps back, when they tapped five times they heard five taps. Andrew spoke of how through the hear enhancers these tappings were clearly heard by Jane one of our ghost hunters. As the night had come to an end we summed up the event with an overview of activity we had come across, from people being touched, hearing tapping, table tipping, glass divination and the stone incident and much more we agreed that Knottingley Town Hall would definitely warrant another investigation.