Ghost Hunting At Lincoln Gaol, Lincoln With Simply Ghost Nights

Yet again our hosts on a ghost event could not have been more welcoming so a big thank you to Paul, Doug, Kim, Clair, Sheila, and Craig for all your help and assistance. The event at Lincoln gaol had the Simply Ghost Nights team absolutely stunned at the amount and variety of ghostly activity, for example tables standing on one leg with no one touching the table, light phenomena, banging, tapping, incarnate voices and even more recorded activity was mentioned by the team. In the men's wing experienced paranormal investigators Rosey and Jo were holding a table tipping experiment, the table tipped onto two legs and then onto one leg, Rosey and Jo stated that next, they asked the remaining ghost hunter at the table to remove their hands from the table, one of the most shocking things both had ever witnessed happened, the table then stood motionless for about five or sic seconds with no one holding the table and the table still on one leg. As a group we have witnessed some extraordinary things but for Rosey, Jo and the group of ghost hunters they had never witnessed the like as what they saw in the men's wing. In the women's wing with experienced paranormal investigator Steve, a group of ghost hunters started spectral communication with a 26 year old spirit called Sara, through glass divination Sarah described that she had died in the prison infirmary during childbirth. She had been in prison a year at the time which made the group suspicious of how she had become pregnant. She claimed to be very sad and was looking for her "baba" as she put it. The story may have had some truth as one of the volunteers of Lincoln gaol Doug, confirmed that there are records of women called Sarah dying during childbirth at that period. We were also informed by Sarah that the Matron wasn't a pleasant person to come across, and that she and the Governor were together, this was confirmed by the Doug also, the group probed further and found out that the child was an illegitimate child of the governor himself who had been married to the matron and, according to Sarah. The group were very sad about Sarah and she responded by saying that the group were very kind and considerate to her. After this the group asked for another spirit to come on the table and a male spirit did who asked us to guess his name, Doug guessed the name John and it proved to be accurate as the governor himself. Doug then asked questions which no one around the table would have known the answers to the following. What did John enjoy looking at? To which the spirit spelt out "stars". Doug confirmed that John was an avid astronomer. Doug asked another question what building did he have built? The answer being the observatory which John confirmed via the ouija board. John was very damning about his activities describing Sarah as "dirty" and showed no remorse at all, indeed through glass divination he swore at the group when our poor opinions of him came out. When the table tipping started he made his anger very apparent with very violent movements of the table. In the female wing a group of ghost hunters also experienced some fantastic table tipping and when the laser pen was placed so that a 'curtain of light' was placed at one end of the wing as to detect any spirit movement or dark shadows, the spirit world duly obliged on request to interfere with the laser pen. This amazed John, Sean, Karen and Gary when the green light actually went darker and lit back up on request to everyone's consternation. Steve also mentioned in a vigil that a group of ghost hunters were watching dark shadow movements when he took the temperature with the temperature a gun and was astounded to find a 7 degree drop in the room temperature that he had recorded only minutes earlier. The use of the ouija board produced enthralling results as stated earlier also a spirit called George Baines made contact from the other side and claimed to have died in the gaol in 1845. And many groups heard water dripping in a few vigil areas but could find no trace of any water or a leak on a rainless night, apparently this phenomena is not new to the gaol staff who informed us that it had been reported previously unknown to the Simply Ghost Nights team. In the chapel a group were calling out for spirit rapping's or other forms of contact when to their utter surprise they heard an incarnate voice from beyond the grave that had Sean, Maxine, Lucy and Sheila totally bemused as what had made the noise from the empty balcony above them. However this was not the only case of an ethereal guttural noise has Rosey said that in a vigil in the men's wing they too heard a similar noise, also we must also make reference to the group vigil in the main meeting room where all the ghost hunters observed a plethora of K2 activity on calling out, and many of the group also heard the same groaning noises from the adjoining room of the main room. In the female wing a group were calling out for any spectral contact when they clearly heard the sound of metal on metal on request and a heavy door open by itself to the shock of Andrew, Gary, Sarah, and Bev. The banging they all heard literally scared Joanne witless but Stuart calmed her down, as the group called for more banging and tapping the spirits again obliged, the group listened on as the banging and tapping increased on request, no such noises were made until the group asked the spirit world to commence tapping and banging, also the new batteries in the laser pen had to be replaced twice, had the spirits of Lincoln gaol drained the batteries? Yet again the sound of water dripping was heard clear as a bell in the room, as the group looked for water on the floor the night had almost finished, but what a night it had been, table tipping, doors opening, glass divination, incarnate voices, the list of activity goes on, all who attended the ghost event that night would surely not forgot what that saw, heard, or felt at Lincoln Gaol. Our time at Lincoln Gaol came to an end and we thanked all our brave guests, the Lincoln gaol staff, and the spirit world for making it such a memorable event on a Simply Ghost Night.