Ghost Hunting At Margam Castle, Wales, With Simply Ghost Nights, 23rd March 2013

This is was Simply Ghost Nights first visit to Wales and as we travelled down taking in the idyllic scenery and landscape our thoughts always lingered on what would we experience paranormal wise on our excursion into the principality. As we arrived up the drive to Margam Castle the building literally took our breathe away such was the splendour and grandness of the Castle. As we all took numerous photographs of the exterior of the castle we all agreed the it was indeed beautiful, and could not wait to enter the castle and see which spirits of Margam castle would entertain us and our full house of brave ghost hunters. We began the night with a group vigil in one of the many large rooms as we held hands in a large circle calling out for spirit interaction from the residents of Margam Castle, we found unfortunately in this vigil we never heard any tapping out of the norm nor did the K2's spike on request, neither did the ghost hunters wearing sound enhances pick up anything of note. As we began to split into smaller groups the question was would the spirits communicate with us at all. In a vigil with Mel, Rosey and Stuart a group of ghost hunters were attempting glass divination when Stuart said that he felt the presence of a female spirit who had committed suicide after becoming pregnant by a gentleman of the house, when the group of Alexandra, Fran, Margaret, Gary, and Sam asked if this was so the glass moved to yes. This shocked them and they asked more questions and as the vigil unfolded it became clear that the female spirit had taken her own life as a cry for help and that this was first time she had ever communicated with anyone from the earth plane. This experience had everyone captivated and as the group spoke the atmosphere in the room had changed to a lower vibration less frenetic. In the attic with Jez and Jo a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with a spirit by the name of Ben who claimed via the ouija board to have been a servant at the Castle and also only had one arm too. The group had a really good ouija session and Ben told the group he had worked in the kitchen with his brother Bob and sister Felicity. On further questioning Ben informed the group that he only visited the castle on visitation to see what was happening in and around the castle. Coincidentally in another vigil with a different group of ghost hunters with Jez and Jo. Felicity came through on the glass and  she told us the exact same story as what Ben had upstairs. That she died in childbirth and  was in spirit with her child. In the large and exquisite entrance in a vigil with Simon, Phil, and Stuart a group of ghost hunters Tina, Matt, Louise, Nat, Jamie made contact with a spirit called James. Stuart felt that James would have been a footman or would have worked within the equine department of the castle. This was confirmed as the group attempted glass divination with an ouija board. When the group all took part in a table tipping experiment James managed to get the table  onto one leg and the table then turned and twisted to the groups squeals and shrieks of delight. With so much activity reported by all team leaders such as the K2 meters spiking on request and many ghost hunters claiming to have witnessed their own faces changing and growing beards and sporting larger or smaller noses when using the scrying mirrors to their own dismay and shock. Also numerous groups mentioned some fantastic table tipping and Cathy, Wendy, and Rhi spoke of they each heard the sound of children giggling in the attic the former children's room. As we departed the ghostly realms of Margam castle and thanked the spirits, and our brave ghost hunters for their participation and for joining us we all agreed that we could not wait for return on the 30 November 2013  to Margam castle.