Ghost Hunting At Newcastle Keep With Chris Conway & Simply Ghost Nights

We must without hesitation thank Paul our host for the night at the keep, Paul like so many curators and hosts at our events provided historical and relevant information for our eager ghost hunters who listened intently and appreciated what they heard. Once again we were joined by Simply Ghost Nights friend and favourite television medium the ever amiable and friendly Mr. Chris Conway. On the tour around the building Chris gave an insight into the spirits that were around us at the time, Chris described how two spirit children called Samuel and Elizabeth were watching us and that they had died in the keep many years ago. Our brave ghost hunters were fascinated by the way Chris described what he was picking up from the spirit world, and how he was communicating with the spectral tenants of the keep. After our initial tour and a break for light refreshments it was time for the paranormal investigation to commence. We began with a group séance in the chapel and to everyone's amazement the K2 metre on the floor suddenly started to go from a placid green to a very strong red indicating that we may have been having spirit activity as it is said the K2 metres can be interfered with by the paranormal world, this interference went on for some time before an unmistakable noise was heard from the little room in the chapel. Chris pointed out that a spirit child was standing in the corner of this draught less room where Rosey, Maxine, and Jo were stood, where each one had said they felt a cold breeze around them, could the spirit child have been causing this mysterious breezes that affected our ghost hunters. One of the strangest occurrences of the night was when Chris junior jumped across the room in shock as his mobile phone started to buzz and vibrate in his pocket whilst actually been turned off. This had all that witnessed absolutely perplexed but no more than Chris junior who was amazed by what happened. In the garrison room whilst conducting a human pendulum experiment 'big sceptic' Lee shrieked in disbelief when he shouted, 'something's just touched my bum', to our and Lee's surprise there was no one behind him and we were all holding hands, what unseen hands had touched Lee's bum and for what reason? Was this the ghostly flower lady who had sold flowers and vegetables at the keep who our medium Stuart had picked up on in the room. In the main room a group experienced a fantastic vigil when the table chased each of our ghost hunters in turn, the table tipped at alarming angels to the surprise of Paul, Michael, Jacky, and Anna. As the table was moving around all over the room Maxine and Kayleigh found it hard to comprehend what they were actually seeing. In a vigil with our experienced paranormal investigator Mark and also Philip in the main hall a spirit of a Mr. Hare made ghostly contact with a group of brave ghost hunters, which fascinated Angela, Liz and Kerry, the spirit of Mr. hare informed the group that he had passed away at the keep in the 18 century. In another vigil a group were in the great hall, Jo, Simply Ghost Nights experienced paranormal investigator remarked when they were talking to a spirit called Geir, through the ouija board who informed the group that she was a woman and she was terrified of her husband. She told group via the glass that there were two children in the room too called Samuel and Elizabeth, in this vigil many ghost hunters complained of cold swirls around their legs as well. As the night came to the close the Simply Ghost Nights team we thanked our host Paul, the spirits of the Keep, our brave ghost hunters and Chris Conway for wonderful company and making the event a tremendous success.