Ghost Hunting At Niddry Street Vaults, Edinburgh, 28th May 2016

On the 28th May 2016 Simply Ghost Nights returned to bonny Scotland to The Edinburgh Niddry Street Vaults. With tales of witches' persecution, body snatching and local superstition. Edinburgh vaults has to be one of the most dark, evil, haunted locations we have ever visited. Come with us as we delve into the vaults underground. 
Rosey and Lesley were flabbergasted when describing how in one of the Vaults the temperature recorder kept fluctuating between 21 and 10 degrees and with no breeze or wind noticeable to cause these sudden drops in temperature this was one example of how spirit can make people or areas go warm or cold as this showed.
Jez and Stuart spoke of a vigil where a group of ghost hunters had some tapping on the table and heard the sound of heavy footsteps in the corridor outside the stone circle vault. With no one in the corridor this had the all group scratching their heads as to what had caused the heavy footsteps. 
Rosey and Lesley mentioned a vigil in a vault where the table moved between all the guests seated around the table and also two guests described how they saw the figure of a child in the corridor as if staring at the group for a whole five or seconds before vanishing in front of their eyes.
Also a number of guests had some fascinating results with the crystal pendulums with many of the guests using them to dowse making spirit contact with a number of the former residents of the Vaults.
Once again the spirits of Niddry Street Vaults had not let us down with their communication to our guests.