Ghost Hunting At R.A.F Holmpton, Hull, With Simply Ghost Nights

Well firstly we must thank James of R.A.F Holmpton for been an excellent host and truly helping the event run so smoothly and we thank him so much for that. The team were so excited to be returning to literally this hidden gem of a haunted location, on our previous visit we had experienced all manner of paranormal phenomena and the highlight of the night was the sound of a brass bell audibly ringing with no one near the bell itself. How far would the spirits take us in our quest for spirit activity would we reach the dizzy heights of the stratosphere or would we remain grounded on the runway to a damp squib of a night of ghostly activity? All groups experienced some fantastic table tipping especially in the medical room which had 'big sceptic' Dan absolutely bemused when the table was literally spinning around in a circle this sight also had Pam quizzically asking whether or not the table was in fact on wheels, she then looked underneath the table to see if their were wheels on the legs and in sheer disbelief she exclaimed "there's no wheels, there proper legs". In one vigil, Jo Simply Ghost Nights experienced paranormal investigator was in a vigil in the map room, Jo's group were using glass divination when the spirit communicated rather than give a name, the glass moved firstly over the letters and then proceeded over the numbers, Jo asked if this was the ghostly resident of R.A.F Holmpton's forces identity number. The glass moved to yes, later on in the event Jo showed her findings to James Holmpton's knowledgeable host who informed us that the identity number was in fact a genuine identity number due to the letters that had been communicated, James also said that the letters and numbers disclosed by the spirit in the map room were indeed very rarely known about to anyone outside of the services. Steve Simply Ghost Nights experienced paranormal investigator reported some excellent glass work in a vigil in the lower part of this huge subterranean building. And in the same vigil Steve also explained how the table rocked to and fro in attempting spirit communication with a former worker at Holmpton, this had Graham and Tony enthralled. In the medical bay Stuart attempted a human pendulum experiment and to the absolute shock and bewilderment of Anthony, (who claimed to a big sceptic), he began to move backwards and forwards in response to the questions our brave ghost hunters asked. In this vigil we gathered from the spirit world through the human pendulum of Anthony that we were interacting with a female spirit who had worked there before passing over to the other side. At the end of the event Anthony did state that he had now experienced something to give him another thing to think about regarding life after death, as he reiterated his own experience in the human pendulum experiment and confirmed that he actually felt as though he was been pushed backwards and forwards by the ghostly unseen hands at R.A.F. Holmpton. As we were once again beaten by the clock and the amiable James informed our bemused ghost hunters regarding the authenticity of the secret identity number, that the a ghostly tenant of Holmpton had divulged to Jo and her group, it's times like these when a factual piece of evidence is passed on to us through communication from the spirit world, you can then realise the captivating paranormal world in which we are so blessed to see and behold on a regular basis, the spirit world only want to contact and converse with us as we have found on the majority of our Simply Ghost Night events.