Ghost Hunting At Ripon Workhouse, North Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway, 6th July 2012

The Simply Ghost Nights team we were privileged to be first paranormal group to be allowed to hold an event at Ripon's former workhouse which was home for the vagrants and the poor of Ripon. We were greeted by two of the museums staff who could not do enough for us on the night. Simply Ghost Nights were once again joined by celebrity television medium Chris Conway, as Chris strolled around the building with its main room where the unfortunate souls would have being screened by the high and mighty of Ripon before been allowed refuge in the workhouse, we were also allowed access to the kitchen area, bathing area, what can only be described as cells which were the bedrooms for any wretched soul who had the misfortune to be at the workhouse. We begun the event with a psychic walk around with Chris, at this part of the night it is always a pleasure to see which spirits Chris can pick up on a mediumistic level. Chris felt the presence of a wretched female soul in the bathing area, Chris considered this spirit had some considerable pain in the head when she had being alive. In the kitchen area Chris made contact with an elderly looking gentleman spirit, Chris commented that the male spectre actually looked older than he really was. In a vigil with Treena and Clare in the bathing area the group witnessed some exceptional table tipping to the groups amazement, as the table tipped one way and then tipped the opposite way on request, Treena spoke of how the group of Elaine, Michael, Mary, Simon and Jane squealed in delight at the spectacle of the table tipping. Jez and Jo spoke of a vigil in the bedroom area, these bare rooms were more like prison cells at first glance, and they mentioned that they had some fantastic K2 work in this part of the building with the K2 spiking from green and up to red on request and in accordance to the group's questions. In the boardroom with Stuart a group of ghost hunters encountered a ghostly character by the name of Gordon, this spectral character kept the group entertained via the ouija board. Gordon informed the group that he had been at the workhouse in the 1890s and had died there, he had hated his time at the workhouse, but it was all he knew in the later years of his life. This information was quite poignant for the group who all felt really sorry for Gordon, that he had lived there for some considerable time before he left the earth plane. In a lone vigil in one of the small rooms near the bathing area, Derek spoke of how he had his hair tugged and asked for a sign from the spirit world and not more than five seconds later Derek heard a tap from the window, Derek said he asked again for the window to be tapped and it was repeated another two times. Derek said he also heard incarnate whispering in the room with the sound enhances on. As we had yet again been by the clock we all agreed that Ripon Workhouse museum had indeed been a success and we could not wait for our return.