Ghost Hunting At Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, Yorkshire, 17th May 2014

The Simply Ghost Nights team were excited to be holding a ghost hunting event at The Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, this was our tenth visit and the spirits had never let us down with their willingness to communicate with our ghost hunters. We were once again greeted by the lovely Linda from the museum who was on hand to help with any of our needs. With a full house of ghost hunters we commenced the night with a brief and informative chat and a run through about the ghost hunting equipment that our brave ghost hunters would be using in their search for ghostly communication. The event began in earnest with a large group vigil in the guardians' room where the poor unfortunate souls who entered the Workhouse, would first go to be interview by the guardians and stripped of any personal items and also their dignity too. We all held hands in a circle and asked for the spirit world to interact with us. In this vigil a number of guests spoke of feeling strange breezes on their hands and faces, one ghost hunter told the group that she felt as if a cold draught was permanently around her, as she was not near any window or door or any discernable breeze was noticed anywhere near her as well. We could find no reason for our brave ghost hunter to have a draught near her. Stuart our medium made contact with some spirit children who he said were happy to be watching the group and walking in the circle, could the breeze that one of our ghost hunter had felt been the children walking around the circle, another ghost hunter claimed to have had her bag moved that was over her shoulder moved by the invisible hands of the spirit world. We also had light analomies reported too in the group vigil by a few of our ghost hunters. We decided to break up into smaller groups and attempt ghostly contact with our excited guests, in the school room with Vee, Jez and Lesley a group of ghost hunters attempted to speak to the spirits via the Franks box, the whole group heard a little boy gigging though Franks box and the spectral child also spiked the K2 on request for the watching group. Rosey, Danni and Grant mentioned that in the nurses room they had the spirit of a man claiming his name was BOB who went on to curse and swear through the Franks box as well, after 20 minutes or so Rosey asked are you really Stan, Stan been a spirit who regularly curses via the Franks box on our ghost hunting events at Ripon and a voice was heard to say 'yes'. Rosey also said that they also all heard quite clearly Fef Off through the franks box to the amazement of the group. Grant explained how he and two of the guests went to do a quiet vigil in the small room by the toilets and came back quite ashen faced and admitted they had all seen a shadowy figure move across the wall, even though there are were windows in the room and they were all stood perfectly still. Stuart, Nigel and Treena commented on a brilliant table tipping experiment where the table moved backwards and forwards with everyone's fingers slightly on the table as well, and the table went up onto two legs with only three guest's hands in the centre of the table. All groups spoke of how they all had fantastic vigils in the Nurses room with table tipping, glass work, Franks box, K2 spiking on request and some great responses with the Ovilus III also, the spirits of The Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum definitely interacted and communicated as good as any event we had experienced there. After thanking the spirits for their interaction, Linda from the museum and our brave guests for joining us it was time to pack away the equipment and make our way home, however we cannot wait for our next instalment of ghostly activity at The Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum on the 9 th August 2014.