Ghost Hunting At Ryecroft Hall, Manchester, With Simply Ghost Nights, 1st September 2012

This was our first visit to Ryecroft Hall for some years and one we were really excited about, we were greeted by Andy our host for the night who ensured that our investigation ran smoothly. After a brief tour of the building and light refreshments for our eager ghost hunters it was time for the paranormal investigation to commence, which spirits who still reside at Ryecroft Hall would communicate with our fearless ghost hunters from the other side. In a vigil with Rosey and Jo in the servant's quarters with Velda, Julie, Claire, and Belinda, Hannah and Martin, the group were listening out for spirit communication when they heard a man groaning and suddenly Jill exclaimed that she had her trouser leg pulled. Rosey and Jo also spoke of how the Franks box turned itself on in Jo's hand bag at the same time the K2 started going upto the red light. When the used the Franks box they all heard distinctly a little girl call out "mummy", the group then asked out for to say her name and again the group all heard the name 'Margaret', the group then asked how old she was and she said 'four'.  In a vigil with Stuart and Neil with Terina, Lee, Becky, Wayne and Hayley in  the upstairs ballroom, Stuart made mediumistic contact with a soldier from the first world war who's name was Cyril the group then confirmed it via the Ouija board. The group asked an array of questions and gathered that Cyril was 26 when he passed over, and he had being at Ryecroft hall when it had been a hospital for the injured soldiers. Neil also a medium picked upon a nurse from the First World War, Neil picked up on the name Elizabeth for the ghostly nurse; this too was confirmed via the ouija board to the group's excitement yet again. However when the group attempted table tipping they could not believe what they saw, after about ten minutes of asking Cyril to move the table to the shock and utter amazement the table began to slowly move, then it began rock to and fro to the disbelief of Terina, Lee, Becky, Wayne and Hayley, the group watched in incredulity when the table tipped onto two legs. This was the first time the group had witnessed anything like this in their lives. In a vigil with Rosey and Jo in the upstairs ballroom the group of Hayley, Sarah, Jane, Vicky and Sara the group made spirit contact with a female spirit via the ouija board, when suddenly and for apparent reason a large torch that had been laid on a chair inexplicably got thrown by the unseen hands of spirit world across the floor. Rosey and Jo said this had the whole group staggered by the incident. In other vigils Hannah and Claire saw an arm waving around the door to them, many of our brave ghost hunters also commented on how they had heard massive sighs and groans too. Team leaders also reported that they had also got some fantastic results with the K2 meters as well. Stuart said that in the cellars a group had been calling out for the spirits to interact via the K2, the K2 went upto the red button on request on many occasions in the cellar. Also Hannah and Martin achieved excellent results in spirit communication when using the pendulums which were held over a piece of card with 'yes and no', 'male or female' wrote on it, both Hannah and Martin both spoke how they enjoyed using the pendulums as well. As we again were beaten by the sands of time on this occasion, however as spoke at the end of the night we all agreed it had been an active night and we would definitely be visiting Ryecroft Hall again in 2013.