Ghost Hunting At Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights, 30th March 2013.

Sheffield fire & Police museum has always been a Simply Ghost Nights favourite venue to hold a paranormal investigation and usually can be quite active as well, so with all this in mind we entered the ghostly realms of the Sheffield Fire & Police museum and wondered what kind of activity we would witness on the paranormal investigation. Before we commenced with the investigation we spoke as a team and all agreed that we felt that it could be an active night as the energies in the building were positive. We begun the night with a group vigil on the top floor where some of our ghost hunters claimed to have witnessed  the black shadow of a man moving along the corridor, and with the K2 meters spiking as well and Dave and Wayne both hearing incarnate voices through the sound enhances. As we broke up into smaller groups everyone was excited to see how the ghostly inhabitants of the Sheffield Fire & Police museum would attempt to communicate with our brave ghost hunters. On the top floor with Simply Ghost Nights Rosey and Phil with Kingsley, Sophie, Aaron and Beth, and Jason one of the strangest series of events occurred in only a matter of seconds to the group's bewilderment. Rosey described what happened next, Kinglsey felt someone messing around his back pocket and upon inspection it was noticed that a chocolate bar that was Kingsleys pocket had been pulled out of that very same pocket. No one was near Kinglsey when this happened and he3 had not sat down at all to have moved the chocolate bar him. Then one of the ladies in the group fell onto the table and claimed to have been pushed by the unforeseen hands of the spirit world and the whole group heard a toy bell roll back to them from the darkness of the corridor that Rosey had thrown down the corridor approximately twenty minutes earlier. The whole group who witnessed this bizarre and strange paranormal occurrence could not believe what they had witnessed. In a vigil with Stuart and Jez a group of ghost hunters including Jay, Wayne, Dave, Nadiera, and Steve the group were asking the spirits to copy their wolf whistle when almost instantly the group heard a strong and deep base wolf whistle from the other side of the vigil area where no one was situated to the group's excitement. Also in a vigil with Stuart and Jez a group of ghost hunters on the top floor experienced some amazing table tipping, and also in the cells with Rosey and Phil a group of ghost hunters witnessed some fantastic table tipping as well. With reports of a ghostly shadow seen by Wayne as well and in one of the display rooms the K2 was almost going off the scale when asked by nor brave ghost hunters to go to the green light on the K2 and make it go red, and when a base line check had been done prior to the event commencing the same room experienced no K2 spiking. All in all it was a brilliant night and all our ghost hunters went home both elated and in awe at what the spirit world can do when asked in a loving and considerate way.