Ghost Hunting At Sheffield Town Hall, South Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights

Simply Ghost Nights were really honoured and privileged to be allowed to hold the first ever paranormal investigation at the world famous Sheffield Town Hall. The town hall is a magnificent building both the exterior with its grand entrance and fantastic facades that made this building one of the most impressive buildings we had ever investigated. The interior literally took our breathe away, with an exquisite marble banister and balustrade that lead from the ground floor to the first floor and to the second floor as well. With parquet flooring adorning the majority of the rooms as well the Sheffield Town Hall is a treasure to behold. We began the night with a short meet and greet in the council chambers of all places, this impressive building was even now where the councillors vote on the affairs of Sheffield, and as we sat in the red leather chairs and explained what happens on a ghost night the feeling of how majestic the room is, was not lost on us with the decorative ceiling and panelled wood. With a myriad of rooms and corridors to investigate at Sheffield Town Hall it was time that we started the ghost night with a group vigil in the large charming upstairs room we called the dance room. As we all held hands in a circle and called out for ghostly activity, such as banging's and tappings on request in particular areas of the room, James a brave ghost hunter claimed to have seen a dark shadowy figure move from the far corner of the room, this was c onfirmed Steven and Rachel who also claimed to have seen the shadowy movement from the far end of the room. Jade to her surprise declared to have had her coat sleeve pulled vigorously by the veiled hands from the spirit realm, even though everyone was holding hands as well. Numerous ghost hunters also mentioned that they had felt cold breezes on them even though they were no where near any windows or doors. As we disbanded our large ensemble of enthusiastic ghost hunters into smaller groups to investigate the ghostly world of Sheffield Town Hall. In a vigil with Rosey in one of the corridors in the Town Hall, Rosey spoke of how the table tipped in all four directions and glided along the corridor with each participant having only one finger on the table to the delight of Donna, Sarah, Alison, and Jean. The group loved the fact that the table was moved effortlessly along the corridor by the ghostly residents of Sheffield Town Hall. In a vigil with Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium Stuart picked upon a spirit of a male spirit called Jacob; Stuart said he felt that Jacob was on the earth plane before the Town hall was built, Stuart considered that Jacob lived in a row of terrace houses on the land of the Town Hall site. With the group calling out for Jacob to interact with them the K2 meter spiked from green to yellow for a moment then onto to red as well, this made the whole group realise that spirits do communicate if you ask them politely and with love. A group of ghost hunters were with Mark and Phil in one of the luxurious side rooms the group made spirit contact via the ouija board with an ethereal resident of the town hall, Mark explained that the group asked many questions and a fantastic amount of answers regarding the spirits past life on our earthly plane, however the spirit refused to tell the group his name or even the first initial to the group.   Jez mentioned that when using the Franks box the group had heard practically all the member of the group her their names repeated back to them through the Franks box. Stuart remarked how in one vigil a whole group of brave ghost hunters were calling out in the toilet area to the rear of the building when incredulously, the toilet actually flushed by itself with no one in the toilet or in the area to have pulled the chain, this freaked out the group, the group waited patiently for it to happen again just to see if it was on a timer but alas the toilet never flushed again, could this have been the a former worker making their presence known to the group of ghost hunters. In other vigils around the Town hall groups also claimed to have had some amazing K2 spiking on request and Stuart mentioned in one vigil the group were using the ouija board and had made spirit contact with a former worker called George, on using the Franks box to communicate with George a little later a ghost hunter asked if his name was really George, and as clear as bell the name 'George' was heard from the Franks box to the elation of everyone who heard it. Rosey also mentioned that when using the Franks box in a vigil the group listened intently and called out for their names to be repeated back, and after calling out they too heard many of the groups names repeated back on request, as they sat there listening and shrieking to what they had heard the group excitedly called out their names again. Once again we were beaten by the sands of time and our paranormal investigation at Sheffield Town Hall was coming to a close, we all very much agreed that it had indeed been an amazing night and one we will repeat again in 2013.