Ghost Hunting At Spiritus House, 13th August 2016

Our ghost hunting experience at the Spiritus house was our first visit to this small but underrated haunted building. Spiritus house has a reputation for being Evesham's most haunted building, would it's reputation live up to its billing we would soon find out.

The night begun with a group seance in the seance room, many guests spoke of feelings of been touched and we also heard a something resemble a female softly going erm, this was from behind a number of guests. The K2 meter spiked on a number occasions in this vigil.

On separating in to smaller groups Rosey and Lesley described an Ouija board experiment where a female spirit came forward and communicated with the group, the group learned that the spirits name was Sarah.

Stuart and Jez spoke of using a Spirit box where a many of guests listening heard their names repeated back. In the back room Jez mentioned that guests reported hearing tapping on request as well.

All groups mentioned excellent Ouija board experiences from down in the basement with the spirits making their presence known to our guests.

The Spiritus House on reflection is not the largest or grandest location but it gave many a location a run for it's money with the activity we recorded that night.