Ghost Hunting At St. Catherine's Old Hospital, Doncaster, With Simply Ghost Nights, 8th August 2014

Simply Ghost Nights were honoured to be allowed to hold the first ever ghost hunting event at St. Catherine's Old Hospital. The building had been used in the past as a rather exuberant family home, a hospital housing an array of patients with many varying illnesses. The night itself was a miserable wet affair with the rain persistently falling in South Yorkshire, would the rain dampen the spirits from communicating with our brave ghost hunters. The event commenced with a group vigil in the main reception area, we kept the vigil short with having a full house of ghost hunters we didn't want to eat into their ghost hunting time. However Stuart SGN's medium did mention that he he could sense the spirit of a lady on the staircase, and he spoke of how he considered that she may attempt to contact our brave ghost hunters later. It was at about this time that the rain relented and we begun our quest for spirit contact at St. Catherine's house. Lesley and Gemma spoke of a vigil in the cellar with loads of tapping on table on request and the table moving also a number of shadows were seen on numerous times by a couple of guests wearing night vision goggles which were the shape and size of both an adult and of child height as well. Lesley also mentioned that the group heard unexplained bangs from the corner of the room as well as a really loud bang on the cellar door. Rosey and Jez commented that in a vigil in the old kitchens a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact via the Ouija board with a malevolent spirit called James who when asked via the glass admitted to bullying the two spirit children who were with him. Coincidentally later in the night James was still up to his old tricks in bullying the girls and not allowing the spirit girls to cross over, with the assistance of SGN medium Stuart the group successfully released the spirit girls from an infinity of pain and bullying from James by making their transition to the other side. Stuart and Mark spoke of a vigil in one of the lavish reception rooms, the group witnessed the table tipping backwards and forwards and heard some excellent tapping on the table. Also while using the Franks box the group were astounded that the Franks box mentioned the majority of their names back through the speakers. On the ground floor with Lesley and Gemma with a group of ghost hunters using Ouija board the group made contact with a female spirit called Catherine who was 62. She said that she had worked there before passing over to the spirit world and she also confirmed via the glass that she was indeed the lady that Stuart had sensed on the stairs in the group vigil. Lesley spoke in detail about the life Catherine had endured while working in service for the Banks family. Once again we had been beaten by the clock but what a time we had experienced at St. Catherine's Old Hospital, from table work, glass divination, franks box communication and much more as well.