Ghost Hunting At Tettenhall Towers, Kidderminster With Simply Ghost Nights, 22nd September 2012

Yet again we were helped admirably by Siobhan and team, who made sure our every need, was catered for. Yet again it was another full house of ghost hunters who joined the Simply Ghost Nights team at this huge building. Tettenhall towers still amazes the team as to the size of the place, with many rooms still to be discovered it is a labyrinth of corridors and rooms all waiting to be discovered on our paranormal investigation. We begun the night with a group vigil with everyone listening for ghostly communication from the previous inhabitants of the building, as the group held hands in a large circle some of the group called out for tapping and for the spirits to show themselves, after numerous minutes of calling on the spirits of Tettenhall towers to show themselves to the group, when Tyler and Emma stated that they had just seen ghostly shadows moving up on the balcony of the main hall. Also the K2s spiked in the middle of the group vigil to the shock of some go the ghost hunters who witnessed it change from green to red. As the time had moved on and we wanted to investigate as much of Tettenhall Towers and it's labyrinth of corridors and rooms as we could in our allotted time. We then broke up into smaller groups for our paranormal investigation to commence. Rosey took a group of ghost hunters in the theatre where the group experienced the table rocking with the group just barely touching the table, Rosey said that the table eventually started to tip onto two legs and twist onto one leg this had the group of Amy, Shelley, Laura, and Nic, and Nathan giggling in excitement and amazement at the spectacle they were witnessing for the first time. Jo and Jez said that in one vigil they heard an incarnate growling noise and the sound of footsteps from a vacant area of the room. They both mentioned that a number of our brave ghost hunters were stating that they felt as though they were having cold breezes going around them in one of the upstairs rooms, however with no noticeable reason for the breeze to occur. In a vigil in the darkened cellar under the theatre with Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium, the group were calling out for ghostly communication via a K2 meter in the centre of the groups circle, as the atmosphere changed Stuart said that he felt the spirit of a woman in the cellar, seconds later the K2 spiked from green to red as though the lady spirit had acknowledged this. The group called out to the spirit world to spike the K2 again, and again the K2 spiked on request, this phenomena continued for a good 15 minutes with the group asking out for the spirits to go to the green light to the merriment of Kelly, Santhia, Laura, Amanda, and Debbie. Rosey took two brave ghost hunters Tyler and Nathan into the cellars and placed an empty can of pop in the centre of a table, they asked for the spirits to push the can, they all heard the  sound of the can been hit by a pebble, the two brave ghost hunters and Rosey asked the spirits in the cellars to do something else, that's when they heard really loud  scratching on the wall, this was enough for Tyler and Nathan who both wanted to leave the cellars pronto, which they did. As our time at Tettenhall Towers was up and the group collated all the nights activity and we all agreed with the amount of data we had amassed it had indeed been an amazing night, with table tipping, incarnate ghostly voices heard through the sound enhances to the amazement of the ghost hunters who heard the spirit voices through them.