Ghost Hunting At Tettenhall Towers, Wolverhampton, With Simply Ghost Nights, 10th November 2012.

Ghost Hunting At Tettenhall Towers, Wolverhampton, With Simply Ghost Nights, 10 th November 2012. We were accompanied at Tettenhall Towers by none other than Simply Ghost Nights good friend celebrity medium Chris Conway. This was our fifth visit to this huge building, corridors and rooms a plenty as well as the two large cellars too. With all this in mind it was time to begin the paranormal investigation at Tettenhall Towers. The night commenced with a group vigil in the theatre room where our ghost hunters spoke of many sightings of dark shadow movements from the balcony above, ghostly footsteps were heard from behind our brave ghost hunters as well to their shock and horror. In the cellars with Stuart a group of brave ghost hunters freaked out when they heard the sound of shuffling coming from behind them, on inspection with torches turned on there was nothing there just an emptiness of brick and mortar in the cellar. In a vigil in the Colonels room with Rosey and Chris a group of ghost hunters experienced some amazing table tipping and glass work as well, Rosey spoke of a bizarre light that the group witnessed at one point while carrying out a Victorian séance. Jez and Jo mentioned that in a vigil in one of the many rooms at Tettenhall Towers that they experienced some fantastic K2 spiking and in one of their vigils the sound of footsteps was heard as well from behind the group. In a vigil in the Dolls House with Stuart the group were calling out their names and asking the spirits of Tettenhall to repeat them back via the Franks box, and what happened next literally froze the group to the core. Jason said his name and it was repeated back instantly, Dave said his name and that came back as well, but when Colette said her name, Collette was heard yet again instantly to her absolute shock, it took Collette a number of minutes to compose herself before she could even discuss what she had heard. All in all it was a very interesting night at Tettenhall Towers and there was plenty of activity for us discuss on the way home, and as we left the building Chris Conway said he cannot wait to visit again.