Ghost Hunting At Tettenhall Towers, Wolverhampton, With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway - 26th May 2012

Tettenhall Towers is known locally as 'them Towers' and is now a working school, but in the past it had been the residential home of the eccentric Colonel Thomas Thorneycroft, who is alleged to be seen walking the labyrinth of corridors and rooms at the Towers unhappy that there are people in his home, and it is also documented that scared builders have fled the property and never returned because of what they've seen or heard at this intriguing building. This was our second visit to Tettenhall Towers, the building is an impressive spectacle as you drive upto it, inside the building it is a hive of corridors, rooms and rooms off other rooms, it also has an impressive theatre, and numerous cellars as well as the foreboding dolls house room. We were greeted by the ever amiable and helpful Paul who was to be our host for the event at Tettenhall Towers, and we were joined by our good friend and former Most Haunted medium Chris Conway. As we walked around the building with Chris you had the feeling as though you were been watched from the darkest corners of a room. Once all our brave ghost hunters had joined us for the paranormal investigation we begun with a group vigil where many of our brave ghost hunters spoke of seeing dark silhouettes moving  around the balcony of the theatre room, when to everyones shock we all heard a loud bang from behind a curtain in the far corner of the theatre, on inspection we found nothing untoward in the corner that could have possibly caused the noise, was the noise just simply the building contracting and expanding or was it an early sign of communication from the spectral tenants of Tettenhall Towers. One of the most remarkable incidents of the night occurred in a vigil with Rosey and Chris Conway, one of the our brave ghost hunters called James who claimed to be a sceptic, and in his own words could not believe what he saw when during a table tipping experiment, the table tipped up onto two legs and then onto one leg. Rosey asked James if he would volunteer and sit on a table and ask the spirits of Tettenhall Towers to rock the table with him sat on it, just to see if the spirits could move the table. James defiantly agreed and sat on the table, as the group called out for the table to move the table literally moved so high as to throw the now panic stricken James onto the floor. James later stated that he had never being so startled and amazed by what happened in that room. In a vigil in the dreaded dolls house with paranormal investigators Jo and Susan a brave group of ghost hunters heard the incarnate sound of giggling and the chilling sound of whining as if from children. Both lee and Robin both exclaimed simultaneously to have heard the sound of footsteps and shuffling. On our previous vigils in the dolls house we had experienced such a variety of activity but everyone always said they felt uneasy in this room. At Tettenhall Towers there is a maze of corridors and rooms to hold a vigil in, and it was in one of these rooms with Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart and team paranormal investigator Claire held an ouija board experiment with first time ghost hunters, Nathan, Matt, Jade, Sarah, Megan and Ryan. As the group commenced on the ouija board Stuart felt the presence of a girl aged approximately 11 to 12 years of age. As the group called out for the little spirit girl to communicate with them, the glass begun to slowly rotate with only the six close friends fingers on the glass. Although unfortunately the girl claimed to be illiterate the six friends still managed to gleam from her via the ouija board that her name was Jane, and she had lived in the house in 1870's in the reign of Queen Victoria. This intimate conversation from the spirit world clearly made the night for these six confirmed friends. With reports of K2 spiking from most groups as well and successful ghostly communication with the Springulator too, it was all in all a very active night on the whole at the eerie Tettenhall Towers for the Simply Ghost Nights team.