Ghost Hunting At Tettenhall Towers, Wolverhampton, With Simply Ghost Nights

This was Simply Ghost Nights inaugural visit to this reputedly most haunted of locations, and certainly will not be our last. Once more we must say a huge thank you to Siobhan, Paul and the rest of the team from Tettenhall with their help and assistance in ensuring the event ran professionally and for their help in making everyone feel at home . We were so excited to investigating the very spooky old Tettenhall Towers which as any seasoned ghost hunter knows is jam packed with tales of eerie encounters and incredible apparitions. Full of atmosphere and history it is easy to see why this property is such a firm favourite and we all felt thrilled and privileged that it was to be our overnight base on such a cold October night. At the start of our event we conducted a full group vigil in the stunning Theatre just to get our ghost hunters - many of whom were ghost hunting for the first time - relaxed and open to the idea of communicating with those from beyond the veil. Almost straight away people were amazed at the dramatic table movement from a group of just 6 guests who had placed their hands very lightly on the table. We then decided to split into four groups and spread ourselves around the vast building. For two groups in particular unexplained crying from the Dolls house seemed to be the order of the night. The Dolls house was one of the most active areas all night with people actually feeling the need to leave the room being unnerved by the noises and cold spots. Flashing lights and shadows were also witnessed in the Dolls house. The Flag pole area was locked so we investigated the staircase leading to the flagpole as there have been many reports of activity actually taking place on the staircase and in a vigil on the flagpole staircase with Simply Ghost Nights team leader Jo, a group of ghost hunters all heard bangs and taps in response to their questions. Joanne, Tracey and Allison all heard the sound of a deep guttural breathe near them. In the Colonel's bedroom the group also made contact on the ouija with the Colonel Thorneycroft and also with a man called Robert., Jo stated the group asked the spirits to bang out how many people were round the table and the spirits responded by tapping ten times, (there was ten ghost hunters around the table around the table). The Theatre was not as active but still proved worthy of an investigation when we got tapping on request. We also had some amazing table work in the theatre to the delight of our first time ghost hunters who were witness to this for the first time. The most active areas of the whole night had to be both the cellars where numerous people were feeling cold spots, and tapping on request, the K2 was flashing all the way to the red every time on request. And last the Colonels' room upstairs where we had banging on the windows on request (bearing in mind this was upstairs), Rosey mentioned, this had the whole group cry out in fright when it appeared they each in turn felt someone either playing with their hair or legs, and Astons camera kept being switched off whilst filming. In a vigil of Steve's he said that their many sightings of dark shadow movement and some excellent table tipping in one of the rooms off the dolls house. Stuart and Steve in separate vigils both stated they had excellent tapping and banging in the colonel's room on request and also there was some excellent spiking on the K2 reported as well. Many ghost hunters claimed to have heard incarnate growling or mumbling right next to them. Which had many of them shaking in terror at this amazing location? As once again we were beaten by the clock and as we said our farewells we all agreed that a further event was called for in 2012.