Ghost Hunting At Thackray Medical Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights - 3rd Dec 2011

This was Simply Ghost Nights second investigation at this *Exclusive* location, and what a night it was of paranormal activity. But before we begin our ghostly story of what happened we must first mention Diane and Sol two members of the museums staff, who were of great assistance to us during the event. After a brief but informative tour of the building and a quick something to eat from the buffet and drink, it was time for the investigation to begin. We began with a group vigil in the dental area of the museum, after initially allowing our senses to become oriented to the surroundings we began calling out for spirit communication. Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium stated that the group were in fact being watched by a female spirit from a doorway, Stuart then asked the female spirit to make a noise only seconds later the group heard a loud and unexplainable noise from in the next room adjoining our vigil. When the group called out for the ghostly residents to whistle, they appreciatively whistled back to the surprise of the whole group. Then all of a sudden the K2 meter in the middle of the vigil spiked from a docile green to yellow then to red. This captivated the group, who began calling out in earnest, when we asked for tapping on request, the tapping commenced from within the room where Stuart had made mediumistic contact with the female spirit. Many ghost hunters in the group also witnessed strange light analomies in the pitch dark room, it was noted that the light phenomena moved quickly and then disappeared. Was this the energy of the spirits that were watching growing ready to communicate with our brave ghost hunters? As we separated into groups to explore the ghostly realm of the Thackray medical museum, the high positive energies the brave ghost hunters were producing were at such a level it beggared the question would the spirit world use the energies and communicate with us? The answer to our quandary was yes, the spirit world did in fact duly oblige to the extent that it was an amazing night. At the bottom of the stairs in a vigil with Rosey a group of ghost hunters who were so excited when the table was tipping and up on one leg and spinning around, to the sheer joy of Joanne, Mark, Nicola, and Jo. This had Diane our host totally gob smacked as she said she had never seen anything like it in her life. Simultaneously upstairs a group of ghost hunters were with Stuart when they made ghostly contact with the spirit of a gentleman called George, when the group asked for rapping's on the table George would copy the group the exact number of tapping's been repeated. The group then attempted table tipping to the delight of Lily, Steve, Bill, Maisy, and Jean. In a vigil in the morgue using the Ghost Box, Stuart had the group call out their names individually and to their utter consternation the names of Mark, Carol, Steve, and Stuart were repeated back from the little magic black box. In a vigil with Steve a female spirit called Victoria Jones made contact with the group via the ouija board, Victoria informed the group of her age and what she had actually done at the building many years ago. In many vigil areas reports of K2 spiking was noted and many ghost hunters claimed to have being touched by the invisible hands of the spectral world, another phenomena reported was the sound of heavy footsteps from adjoining empty rooms. All in all it was a memorable night and one that we will treasure for a long time, the group brought with them positive energy and were willing to participate and communicate with the spirit plane and vice versa.