Ghost Hunting At the Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, With Simply Ghost Nights

Prior to our return to Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre the Simply Ghost Nights team wondered if this lovely old building would provide as much paranormal activity as we had witnessed in our previous visits to this most haunted of buildings. In fact the paranormal activity we witnessed surpassed anything we could have dreamed of, from a chair actually being thrown when no one was near it, to some awesome table tipping and a chair spinning on one leg, so sit down and be prepared to read a proper ghost story on a Simply Ghost Night. Once again we must firstly offer our gratitude to John the curator of the Old Nick for his assistance in helping the event run so smoothly yet again. Whenever we visit this superb venue John always makes sure all the chairs are out and no request is too small for him to help us with. One of the most incredible occurrences that happened at The Old Nick was when a group of ghost hunters were calling in a circle around a table out in the theatre, when all of a sudden in the corner of the room a really loud noise was heard, immediately Simply Ghost Nights experienced paranormal investigator Mark shone his torch in the area of the noise and to his and Rosey's, Martin, Hannah, Sue's and Mandy's astonishment they all clearly saw a chair moving as if it had been thrown. No one was in the vicinity of the chair, this beggared the question who, or what had thrown the chair. In another vigil in the theatre a different group of ghost hunters experienced activity in this remarkable building, Jo one of Simply Ghost Nights professional and caring team leaders was conducting an Ouija board experiment when the group begun communicating with a spirit with the initials H.W and he also stated that he was forty years old when he passed over and he had being a police officer there. The group also felt cold breezes under the table. Pauline and Hollie had their legs touched under the table. A black shadow was seen by all of the group to the amazement of Lee, Pauline, Susan, Clair, and Mark. Mark was stood in the corner when a mans face appeared directly in front of him as if intimidating him, the face of this spectral being was also seen by Jo herself, Clair, Sue, Lee and Pauline, and many more ghost hunters all confirmed seeing this face and all described the same crooked nose, who was this ghostly inhabitant of the old Nick who was seen by so many ghost hunters. In a vigil in the men's cells a group were communicating with Freddie on the Ouija, Freddie turned out to be a practical joker and didn't want to tell us much about himself. However he liked certain peoples voices all the women's voices he would respond too, Freddie was certainly a ladies man and had all the women enthralled when they conducted a table tipping experiment, the table at one point was on one leg, and when ever Martin attempted to touch the table the table would move away from him much to the amusement of the remainder of the group. All team leaders mentioned that in most of their vigils they had witnessed some excellent glass divination and table tipping, and again it must mentioned the number of ghost hunters who saw the eerie ghostly face with the crooked nose. Mel mentioned that in one of her vigils the sound of exhaling breathe was heard, this too was validated by other ghost hunters who had also heard the this strange noise. The table tipping in the theatre was as described some of our best to date. At one time Sue, Hannah, Rosey and Becky had just one fingertip on each corner of the table and it duly obliged to dance around the theatre up on one leg with and what was amazing it had such small participation required from the group. We feel Freddie and his ghostly chums were very happy to communicate for us and as always we are now counting down the days until we return to one of our favourite location The Old Nick Theatre on Feb 4th 2012.