Ghost Hunting At The Golden Fleece, York,England, With Simply Ghost Nights

Once again we must thank Stephanie from the Golden Fleece for all her help in making the event run so smoothly and professionally. It had been sometime since the Simply Ghost night's team had visited The Golden Fleece, and on our last visit there we had been royally entertained by the spirit world, would the spirit world once again entertain us with their activity, in a nutshell yes. This was by far the most active occasion we had witnessed at The Golden fleece; such was the amount of phenomena we saw. This only highlights the fact the more positive energy a group can create the more chance that the spirit world will interact, and entertain that group. This was emphasised when a brave group were attempting an ouija board experiment in a bedroom when they made ghostly contract with a spirit called Fred, this incident shocked Kimberley, Joy, and Susanna. Fred informed the group that he had passed over at the age of fifty in 1815, and that his wife had been called Helen and he also mentioned the ghostly presence of John and Kath that were also in the room. In the same room the group were treated to the table tapping and banging to the whole groups amazement. In another vigil in this most haunted of buildings, a group of ghost hunters stood mouths wide opened after a packet of sweets were placed on the table, with a torch on the table too, and the group asked for the spirits to move the torch and they could in return have a 'sweetie'. After a short time the torch did indeed begin to move and the group gave the obliging spirit an around of applause. Whilst taking part in an ouija board experiment a different group of ghost hunters unbeknown to them made contact with Fred, the spirit who had made ghostly communication with the a group earlier on the event. This coincidence amazed Jill, Mark and David the fact that a spirit could make contact on the table to different groups without either group knowing which spirit had communicated with the previous group. A very strange thing happened when a team went to invesigate St Catherines room, They found the door to be locked so went to investiagte the next room, When they finished the said vigil and were coming downstairs the door to St Catherines room began to open by itself as though to say you can come in now. This was witnessed by everyone in the group. 2 seperate groups had the same very uneasy feeling when entering this bedroom. This room was made famous by Most Haunted for the sheer amount of activity that was happening in there but neither group knew this upon entering. Infact in either group certain guests even declared they actually wanted to leave the room. A group of paranormal investigators were so excited when the table moved to and fro in a table tipping experiment on request, and a group were staggered when listening to the Franks box when three people in the group all clearly heard their own names called out from the Franks box itself. Could this be random names heard from the Franks box, however when you specifically call out for your own name and ask the ghostly inhabitants of the Golden Fleece to repeat them back, and then you clearly hear your own name, then all that can be added is that the Franks box is truly a transmitter to another plane that is not our own. As we spoke at the end of the night, we all agreed that the Golden Fleece did indeed warrant another investigation by the Simply Ghost nights team .