Ghost Hunting At The Lawns, Formerly Lincoln Lunatic Asylum, With Simply Ghost Nights

Our ghost night at The Lawns was our inaugural event at this historic and grand building, we were greeted by a very helpful Daryl who made sure our brave ghost hunters did not go thirsty with an endless supply of tea and coffee to compliment the sumptuous buffet supplied by ourselves. Daryl was indeed a massive help in once again ensuring a full house of ghost hunters had a professionally ran paranormal investigation. After a tour of the extensive building with it's multitude of rooms, and hidden staircases to get ourselves acclimatised to the layout of The Lawns, it was time to commence our search for ghostly contact. In a vigil hosted by Rosey and Jo, Clair, John, Maggie, and Julie stood in awe as a table moved literally as though it was on wheels followed by getting the table to balance on one leg in a table tipping experiment. then Rosey asked the group to take their fingers off the table and they then called out for the spirits in the room to move the table, suddenly to the delight also of Stephen and Karen and Claire the table proceeded to move with nobody's hands near the table. This phenomenon of a table moving by itself is something we have witnessed previously at other venues and it certainly gives some food for thought to any hardened sceptic who sees a table moving unassisted, possibly except from the spirit world. In fact Clair stated later that this one incident had changed her views completely on life after death. Another group were with Jo and Rosey up in the Lawrence hall and Rosey described how the table danced along the wooden floor with each participants fingers slightly on the table, at one point Jo our intrepid investigator moved further away from the table and asked the table to follow, the table duly obliged in following Jo, This delighted Sarah and Norman as well as others who had been on Ghost Hunts before but claimed to have never seen a table move in such a way. In one of the upstairs rooms Stuart felt the spirit of a female called Francesca in the room, a séance was then started and the spirit of Francesca did indeed make contact with Emma, Sally, Megan, and the group of brave ghost hunters asked many questions to Francesca, who through glass divination informed the group that she had being a resident of the lawns due to the fact that she had given birth to an illegitimate girl called Elizabeth, this revelation had a sobering effect on the group and brought Cheryl, Sian and Lisa near to tears. In a vigil hosted by Mark and Philip a group of ghost hunters were attempting ghostly contact via the ouija board when the spirit of a little girl came through, who entertained the group by claiming to have passed at the age of seven and sadly didn't know the year she had passed, Sarah, Rosie, Jane and Michelle all chuckled when the spirit girl informed the group that she was frightened of Mark, the Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigator, as an experienced investigator of many years Mark himself found this episode amusing. Steve was conducting a vigil in the eerie Carholme Bar when the male spirit of a former patient of the Lawns proceeded to make contact with a fearless group of spirit seekers, the ghostly resident informed the group that he had lived their for many years until his death in the 19 th century, the glass moved almost nonsensically most of the time in this vigil, it was as though the spirit was confused or just having a laugh at our questioning. Some of the groups experienced some amazing spikes on the K2 which Mel and Simon claimed that even stunned them to the frequency of the spikes. There was some fantastic tapping on the table noted too, in one vigil the table knocked so loudly on request that it had Sadie, Rob and Laura opened mouthed at the knocking they heard. Mel mentioned that some ghost hunters claimed that some of their electrical equipment started to go haywire, this was also mentioned by Clair and Stuart who also had their cameras what can only be described as interfered with by the spectral beings of The Lawns. As the nights event came to a close we again spoke at length to the sheer volume of activity noted, again we can only assume that if you can provide an energetic approach to making spirit activity, with love and light, and treating the spirit world with respect then they are more than likely to duly oblige in basically entertaining you with spirit activity, simply speaking you only usually get what you put into a paranormal investigation. We certainly are looking forward to our return to this amazing location on Feb 12th 2012.