Ghost Hunting At The Lawns, Lincoln Former Lunatic Asylum, With Simply Ghost Nights - 12th Feb 2012

Once more we must give praise to Daryl our host for the event, Daryl kept up the supplies of tea and coffee which perfectly complimented the buffet supplied by Simply Ghost Nights for our valiant ghost seekers.   This was the Simply Ghost Nights second event at this venue after our previous visit proved such a success for supernatural goings-on. How could we not return to The Lawns and attempt to communicate with former workers, and inhabitants of this former lunatic asylum?   We began with a brief tour of The Lawns with Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights resident medium who picked up the energies of a former nurse watching the group inquisitively in what we called the theatre room. Stuart said that he considered this room to busy with the hustle and bustle of spirit energy. In the upstairs room which Stuart described as the managers room, Stuart stated that the room was very much an administrative room and would have held meetings in respect of the running of the asylum and the patients themselves, Stuart said the smell of cigars would be prominent in the room due to the nature of higher echelons of the spirit management in the room. Suddenly three ghost hunters, Julie, Clair, and Joanne exclaimed that they could indeed smell cigar smoke from the other side of the room to their utter amazement. Could these phenomena be an acknowledgment from the spirit plane that the group were indeed in the manager's area?   After a short break for refreshments and a smoke break for the smokers it was with earnest that the event began, with a full house ready and waiting in anticipation for the paranormal investigation to commence we made our way to the theatre room for the group vigil, what or who awaited the group as we all sat in a circle and began to call out?   As we all called out for spirit activity and listened intently for a response from the spirit residents of The Lawns, numerous ghost chasers saw eerie dark shadows moving around; Laura indeed shrieked that she had seen the shadowy silhouette of a human being. This was also reiterated by Lesley, and Lisa that they too had definitely seen a human form moving about as well.   Donna, Dean, Rosey, Di, and Jo all claimed in unison to have heard the sound of ethereal footsteps walking behind whilst sat in the group vigil, Donna and Rosey both agreed it sounded like someone shuffling about in slippers behind them. Also in the group vigil many brave ghost hunters claimed to being touched or had their clothes pulled by the imperceptible hands of the spectral world. With K2's spiking as well in the theatre room it was seemingly a quite active time and one we would hope would continue throughout the night as we split up into smaller groups to carry on our quest for paranormal activity. Jo explained in a vigil in what we described in the back area of the building in the downstairs room (behind the buffet room); Jo mentioned that the group made contact with a gentleman by the name of Ron, who claimed to have been one of the governors of the asylum.   In the theatre room Rosey spoke of the table literally chasing each ghost hunter in turn at such a pace, and with the ghost hunters only having their finger tips ever slightly on the table. The speed of the table amazed even regular ghost hunters Velda, Diana, Doreen, and Clair. Rosey also mentioned some unparallel tapping and scratching on the table on request.   In the conservatory room with Stuart a group of ghost hunters were amazed by the speed in which the table tipped and rocked to and fro, Donna, Stacey, Tanya and Kerry all asked yes and no questions and the table moved accordingly to answer the question.   In a vigil in the theatre with Steve proved a big success with the ghost hunters, Steve detailed that they were communicating with two spirit children, one was called Isaac who claimed to be eight years old and a spirit girl called Lucy who was five years old. Jo stated in a vigil in the conservatory room a group clearly heard the sound of ghostly footsteps and when they asked them to move closer, the sound of footsteps actually got closer, to the astonishment of Velda, Diana, Julie, Sandra and Kay. At the same time Jo took the temperature and there had been a 4 degrees drop in temperature in only a matter of seconds, what had caused this sudden drop?   As the night was coming to an end one group with Rosey decided to unwind for the last 10 minutes sitting in the foyer discussing the evenings events, suddenly to everyones amazement they all clearly heard a knocking sound and could not beleive their eyes when they noticed it was actually a table in the same room rocking, and without anyone being anywhere near it. This was coupled with the K2 going all the way to Red at the same time. As they gasped in excitement a second table started to join in as well. The group were all dumbfounded by this sudden burst of activity.   At the end of the night as we all compared notes and listened to our brave ghost hunters views and experiences, and we unanimously decided that the event had been quite out standing from tapping on request, table, glass, and also reports of our electrical equipment been tampered with. As we thanked the spirits for their part in making the event a success we were now counting down the days until our return in April with our good friend TV's Chris Conway.