Ghost Hunting At The Lawns, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 24th June 2012

Ghost Hunting At The Lawns Lincoln's Former Asylum, With Simply Ghost Nights, 24 th June 2012. Were met at The Lawns by Craig our host for the night, Craig efficiently provided tea and coffee for the event which complimented the Simply Ghost Nights buffet perfectly. This was to be our last visit to this fantastic venue due to it had been sold by the owners and the new owners are supposed to be turning The Lawns into flats. We begun the night with group vigil in the Main upstairs hall, the group were calling out for spirit activity when,  Kirsty screamed out that she felt as though her hair had been pulled, as the whole group were holding hands there was no possibility that it could have been someone playing a prank on her, we also witnessed K2 spiking in this vigil too. A loud tapping noise was heard after Rosey had requested the spirits to copy her after she herself had tapped, to the amazement of the group the tap was so clearly audible to everyone present. In a vigil in the main room with Stuart a group of ghost hunters experienced some fantastic table tipping to the joy and excitement of  Olwyn, Roger, Wynn, Kevin, Julie and Wayne. In this room Stuart felt the group were communicating with a former patient of the asylum, he considered that the spirit lady the group to follow her around the room. In a vigil in the bar area with Simply Ghost Nights investigators Gemma and Claire a group of brave guests made spirit communication with a former patient who unfortunately made no sense with the group via the ouija board, alas only to go to yes and no to the groups questions. However both Gemma and Claire said that the whole group were really entertained by the spirit gentleman. In a vigil in what was called the red room a group of brave ghost hunters were sat in complete darkness were calling out for spirit interaction with paranormal investigator Rosey taking the lead, when without warning the light came on with no one near the light switch, this had the group of Lee, Debbie, Hannah and Martin in total shock. This was not the first time we have experienced this kind of  spirit activity, and not the first time at The Lawns as well. As our night came to and end and we discussed the varying level of activity we had witnessed from  K2 spiking, table tipping, incarnate voices and some spirit communication through the ouija board as well. This was unfortunately our last event at The Lawns and it is a venue we will sadly miss.