Ghost Hunting At The Merchants Adventurer`s Hall, York, With Simply Ghost Nights. - 25th Feb 2012

The Simply Ghost Nights team lead by Stuart & Rosey were so excited and privileged to have gained exclusivity and granted permission to hold the first ever paranormal investigation at this beautiful location. The team were greeted by the amiable and very helpful Bruce who ensured our ghost hunters were stocked, our host for the event and an employee at The Hall. The Merchant Adventurers' Hall is set in the hustle and bustle in the City of York, The Hall stands in its own grounds and is of major national importance and is a Grade 1 listed building and scheduled ancient monument. It was built between 1357 and 1361, before most of the craft or trade guild halls in Britain, making it one of the largest buildings of its kind and date in Britain. It is very unusual to be able to see in one building the three rooms serving the three functions of a medieval guild; business and social in the Great Hall, charitable in the Under croft and religious in the Chapel.   With all this history of the building known to us, what history indeed would we uncover ourselves on the paranormal investigation of this timber framed building? After a brief demonstration to our brave ghost hunters of the equipment we would be using on the event, and a tour of the building with the lights on to familiarise ourselves with The Hall, and a coffee break it was time to commence with the ghost hunting event. We began the event with a group vigil in the chapel area with the entire group sat down and listening and watching for any spirit activity. After a brief while Julie and Karen two brave ghost hunters declared that they could hear tapping on Julies chair after Rosey had called for the spirit world to copy her and tap out loud. Julie also stated that the tapping she heard corresponded with the taps Rosey requested. As we were calling out Jean, David, and Jo all hollered that they had seen a 'shadow person' walking amongst the great pillars in the under croft, inexplicably moments later the whole group heard a loud bang from within the under croft itself to the excitement of the group. Also in the group vigil the K2 metres were spiking on request as well to the sheer joy of the group watching. Needless to say it was time to split up into smaller groups and attempt spirit communication with the ghostly residents of The Merchants Adventurer's Hall. In a vigil with Jo in the chapel Jo stated they made contact via the ouija board, with a Sister Francis who claimed to have worked predominately in the under croft area caring for the sick inhabitants of York. Also in this vigil Jo moved the group to the staircase when the group could hear the sound of a chair been dragged across the floor, The group instantly returned to the hall entering the only way in or out of the hall and stood there was a chair by itself in the middle of the room that no one in the group could remember been there before. In a vigil with Andrew a Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigator in the large hall, Andrew mentioned that the group of Simone, Pat and Clair all said that they had witnessed some of the best table tipping ever, has Andrew pointed out that table literally glided across the floor, with the girls finger tips only slightly on the table.   Steve and Mark our paranormal investigators both commented that in the adjoining room in the hall, that when they undertook smaller vigils in the room that they experienced excellent spikes on the K2 meters on calling out to the spirit world. On our initial base line check of the room we noted no K2 spikes whatsoever, so as Steve and Mark both mentioned this independently of each other could it be that the spirits of the hall could possibly have been interfering with our electrical equipment.   In a vigil with Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium, a group of ghost hunters experienced the practical joker side of a spirit; the group had made a spirit connection with a gentleman spirit called Timmy. Avril, Simone, Pat, Clair, and Jean were taking part in a ouija board experiment when the word 'help' was spelt out by Timmy, the girls inquisitively asked 'are you trapped here' the planchette responded 'yes'.   The girls felt so much sympathy for Timmy, with Avril stating that Timmy needed help, and that she thought Timmy was trapped in the building, with the word 'help', persistently being spelled out, the girls were getting more and more unnerved by what they were seeing. Stuart stated that he could see Timmy laughing at them; Stuart said he felt the energies that Timmy was displaying were of a playful nature and not of distress or sadness.   When Stuart asked Timmy if he was only fooling the girls into believing that he needed 'help' and wanting to play on their sympathetic nature the planchette went to 'yes'. The girls asked Timmy if he was a joker and the planchette moved to 'yes', this incident only goes to demonstrate the intelligence, thought processes and tomfoolery the spirit world can display and the need to have a qualified medium on hand.   In the main hall with Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigator Jez, a group of ghost hunters had placed a torch at the far end of the room and they then started to call out for the spirits to interact with the torch, and to their amazement the torches light began fade and brighten up again on request. This continued for a few minutes then the torch just shone as brightly as ever.   At the end of the event we thanked our brave ghost hunters for their continuing support and we also thanked the spirits that still pop in and out of the two worlds to visit The Merchants Adventurer's Hall, just as we will return to on the 17 th November 2012 to communicate with the ghostly residents of The Merchants Adventurer's Hall.