Ghost Hunting At The Merchants Adventurer’s Hall, York, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights,

This was Simply Ghost Nights second visit to this historic and Tudor building, it had been one that we were so excited to be revisiting for a paranormal investigation. The building is such a fine example of the Tudor period with it's criss cross of timber frames holding up the roof, the dark coated wood which is so synonymous of the Tudor times and period. After a brief tour of the building it was time to begin the paranormal investigation with a group vigil in what we deemed the main area, unfortunately it was particular quiet in this vigil, the K2 spiked on twice so there was nothing of note to mention, we then went our separate ways and split into smaller groups to investigate the building more thoroughly. In a vigil with Rosey, Jo and Jez in one of the rooms at the Merchants Hall, they had an excellent table tipping experience and some fantastic glass work where they communicated with a little girl. In the chapel with Stuart, Mark and Phil, a group of ghost hunters were calling out quietly when they heard an incarnate voice say 'hello', from where no one was stood, this absolutely amazed the group who asked for it again when they all of a sudden heard a very large indiscriminate bang from within the empty area of the chapel. Stuart made spirit contact with a former priest of the Merchants hall, through communication via the ouija board the group discovered that the priest did not like the group in his chapel area, however when asked by Stuart if he would just communicate for the one night, the glass slowly moved to 'yes'. The group learned that he was on the earth plane in 1798 and that he did not marry however he lived in close proximity and used to love his job in the parish. After a while Stuart felt that there was another spirit watching the group, that of a woman Stuart considered that it was a woman called Frances, Stuart described her as in her late 30's and having a slightly arched back and features older than her years, Stuart explained Frances would have walked around the area of the hall selling flowers to the local people in and around the area. We were yet again beaten by the clock and as we packed away our equipment we were left a little deflated as it had not been as active as our previous visit, however you never know on our next visit we may get much more than what we bargained for.