Ghost Hunting At The Niddry Street Vaults, Edinburgh, With Simply Ghost Nights, 16th June 2012.

Simply Ghost Nights ventured north and into Scotland for the event at Niddry street vaults, the vaults had indeed had a rather murky past steeped in what your worst nightmare is made of. We were aware of the cursed stone circle said to befall bad luck and death for those stupid enough to stand in them. The vaults are atmospheric to say the least and if you had been unfortunate to have lived in the vaults before the mod cons of electricity and running water then maybe death may have been more favourable. Firstly we must thank the staff at Niddry for their assistance in ensuring the event went ahead in such a professional manner. We begun the investigation in the room with stone circle, with Stuart, Rosey Jo and Gary stood in the circle, either bravely or stupidly. The group witnessed some great K2 work in this room on request, with two K2's spiking simultaneously within the circle; this amazed all that witnessed it. However this paled into insignificance when in the large group vigil the group were calling out for activity, with one brave ghost hunter by the name of Rob stood in the empty corridor investigating ghostly shadows the group kept witnessing in the corridor. When the whole group heard the sound of metal hitting metal in the corridor to the gasps of horror from the group in the room and the frightening reaction of Rob, who immediately came back to the safety of numbers of the group and refused to return to the corridor by himself. Rob stated that he had seen a dark shadow prior to the noise that indeed had made him utter an expletive before returning to the safety of the group. In a vigil with Simply Ghost Nights resident medium Stuart a group of ghost hunters were enthralled by the table moving to and fro in a table tipping experiment, Stuart claimed to have made spirit contact with a former resident of the vaults by the name of James, James rocked the table to the delight of Laura, Lindsay, Chris and Gary. In another vigil in the deepest darkest part of the vaults Rosey, Jo and Mel were yet again enthralled by the activity on the K2 metres, with the K2's spiking on request and at regular intervals too. This exhibition of spirit activity fascinated Nicola, Andrew, Myra and Simon. Treena and Simon spoke how they both saw shadowy figures moving in the corridor through the night vision goggles to their shock and horror, they both spoke how they saw these shadow people moving in the same area and at the same time. Although Niddry was not the most active place we have visited it will definitely be on our to do list next year, for one it's the whole atmosphere of the place and secondly who can resist a night of terror at the vaults.