Ghost Hunting At The Ripon Prison & Police Museum, North Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights

Simply Ghost Nights were so proud to be holding the first ever paranormal investigation at this forbidding former gaol which would have held the local people of Ripon and surrounding area, until they were taken to York gaol or deported to Australia. Firstly we must thank the team from the museum for their help and assistance in ensuring the event ran professionally from start to finish. We were joined by celebrity medium Chris Conway for the paranormal investigation at The Ripon Prison & Police Museum. We begun the event with a group vigil in the main area as we called out for spirit activity the K2 meters begun to spike from green to red, this totally enthralled the whole group and once again on request the K2s spiked from green to red, as the energies began to rise a number of the brave ghost hunters claimed to have seen a dark silhouette or shadow move near them, at the same time the one of the K2s yet again went from green to red to the amazement of the group, as the energies of the group increased we felt it right to split up into smaller groups and really delve into the ghostly world of the Ripon Prison & Police museum. In a vigil in one of the chilling cells with some brave ghost hunters John, and Julies group had what John described as the best ever vigil when communicating with a former inmate of the prison, the spirit was rather forthcoming on the ouija board, John explained that the spirit had told them that he had lived local and was a drunkard and frequently was held in the cells. In a vigil  with Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights resident medium a group of ghost hunters were in a cell with the machine called the screw in it, the screw was a metal box with a handle that was turned by the inmates of the prison to bide their hours away, however if the wardens felt that the prisoners needed to work a bit harder they would tighten the screw in the box making the handle harder to turn, hence the name for prison wardens even nowadays is 'screws'.  As the group were calling out all holding hands in a circle, Stuart said he felt the spirit presence of a former warder in the cell, Stuart said the spirit was called George and as the group called for George to interact with them, the most unbelievable thing occurred the handle of the screw actually turned, the sound of metal twisting and turning loudly was heard  to the surprise of the whole group of Margaret, Sarah, and co were absolutely astounded. Stuart asked the group if they were near the box to have accidentally turn the handle, everyone said no, then the unimaginable happened while the group were calling out the handle turned again, this time it was obvious to everyone that no one could have turned the handle of the box, Stuart later said that this one incident was up there with the best he had ever witnessed best in over eight years of investigating the paranormal world. In a vigil with Phil and Treena in one of the many upstairs cells the group made spirit contact with a female spirit by the name of  Margaret who said that she was a local girl, and that she had passed over to spirit, coincidentally later in a vigil downstairs with Stuart and Phil, and Treena Margaret would communicate yet again with the same group, this time Margaret moved the table in a table tipping experiment to the groups surprise and amusement.   With Rosey, Chris, Jez and Jo another group of ghost hunters experienced a table tipping from side to side to the delight of the group witnessing it. Rosey said that the table rocked backwards and forwards to the brave ghost hunters disbelief. As once again we were beaten by the clock and it was time for us all to leave the Ripon Police & Prison museum, we thanked the spirits of the museum for entertaining us with their display of paranormal activity.