Ghost Hunting At The Ripon Workhouse Museum, 17th February 2017

Nine times out of ten The Ripon Workhouse Museum never fails to provide sufficient evidence of a past life and spirit communication, we wondered would this occasion be one of the one out of tens we would soon find out.

With yet another full house of ghost hunters all eager to attempt Spirit communication we began the night of paranormal investigations at The Ripon Workhouse Museum.

In the Governors room a guest claimed to have seen a male spirit at the fireplace and at the same time a R.E.M. Pod alarmed out as well. The Governors room also amassed paranormal activity in the form of table tapping and tipping so much so a number of guests claimed never to have seen a table tip so much and at one point all the guests took their hands off the table and it seemingly stayed up on two legs for a good 6 seconds.

Once again the Nurses room was a haven of activity with fantastic responses on the spirit box and bizarre light anomalies seen by guests too and the sound of heavy footsteps in the empty corridors adjacent to the nurses room as well.

Table tipping and glass work were also noted and in one table tipping experiment the was on two legs and try as they might the group could not push the table back on the floor onto four legs.

In the Main room and school room guests made ghostly contact with two female inmates named Muriel and Cathy, both had fell on hard times and were not related and spoke of hardship and lack of quality food. Muriel went in to work in service at a big house before returning to the Ripon Workhouse and passing away in there.

After all the trepidation and excitement we had to give tonight's investigation a 10 out 10, and a big thank you to the spirit world for entertaining our ghost hunters.