Ghost Hunting At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, on the 21st February 2015, With Simply Ghost Nights

Simply Ghost Nights ghost hunting event at The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum with a full house of excited ghost hunters all eager to attempt spirit communication, with the former residents, police officers and firemen of the Fire & Police Museum.       The night commenced with a short opening discussion regarding the house keeping of the event and Jez explained how the ghost hunting equipment works to our brave ghost hunters. In a vigil in the cells with Stuart and Sarah the group made ghostly contact with a former prisoner who interacted with the group via two K2 meters on a table, with the K2's spiking to the groups questions. The group also experienced some fantastic table tapping as well with the taps been clearly heard from the centre of the table. Rosey and Treena spoke about a vigil in the Fire Truck area where two ghost hunters ran out of the air raid shelter claiming to have heard banging on request on the the top of it, with no one near them and at the same time a K2 spiked as well as them both claiming that they had been touched on the head they both simultaneously came running out of the shelter screaming. A group of ghost hunters were amazed at the table tipping and tapping they witnessed on the middle floor with Sarah and Stuart, the spirit they made contact with was called Andrew and he entertained the group by repeating the guests names via the Franks box.   Jez and Lesley described a vigil in the cells where a group of ghost hunters had a brilliant time with the Franks box, with most of the group hearing their names mentioned and also a table tipping experiment in the area where the Fire engines are.     Cassie and Sam spoke about a vigil on the middle floor where the Rem Pod alarmed out a number of times on request and Cassie mentioned that the group also had some glass work as well in this vigil.   Stuart and Sarah described a vigil on the middle floor where the table moved to each participant on request and at one point the group clearly heard a loud bang from one of the glass cabinets, and when they tried to re-enact how the bang on the cabinet had happened they could not.    Once more the spirits of The Fire & Police Museum in Sheffield had not us down, we return on the 6th June 2015 for more details call 0843 289 1215 or click on the link.   /events/ghost-hunts-at-the-national-emergency-services-museum,-formerly-the-sheffield-fire-police-museum,-with-simply-ghost-nights,-6th-june-2015.aspx