Ghost Hunting At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights - 17th Mar 2012

Firstly we have to thank Theresa, Jane and Andy the guardians of the fire & police museum, for their help and assistance in ensuring that the event ran as professionally as it did. When we arrived at the museum the skies were full of rain, we looked up at the building with it�s wet red brick exterior, and through the ancient doors wide enough for the fire trucks to go through, we could see the large red vehicles still sitting in pride of place of the Fire & Police museum. With the rain lashing down would this horrendous weather dampen the enthusiasm of our ghost hunters, and the spirits that still reside at the Sheffield Fire & police Museum. With Rosey and Jo in a vigil in the former police cells with the white ceramic tiles,  and skylights set in the ceiling these holding cells would have scared many an inmate, before their journey to H.M.P for a much longer stay. A spirit gentleman by the name of Tom came through on the Ouija. The group were surprised to hear Hannah exclaim that she had felt a draft across her face where no draft could be have been or felt. On the middle floor with Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium, the group made ghostly contact via the ouija board with a spirit gentleman by the name of Harry, Harry through yes and no on the ouija board indicated that he had been a fire man and had died in a fire. When the group used the Franks box to communicate with Harry, Stuart asked that Harry confirm his name and to the groups utter amazement the name Harold was clearly heard from the Franks box. On the top floor one brave ghost hunter Lee, claimed to have distinct movement in the empty bedroom through the sound enhancers. The group all then moved into the bedroom and all clearly could hear the heavy thud of footsteps.  In the downstairs room Rosey asked �are there any children here,� and Jo then stated that she had  heard through the ear enhancers a girl say �yes�. The group then all sat in the fire engines themselves when Pat and Joanne heard footsteps coming towards them, on further investigation there was no one walking about. Also in this vigil they heard someone coughing and choking from an unoccupied area of the room and Rob then claimed to have heard through the ear enhancers a small girl say �mama� many ghost hunters in the group confirmed that they had indeed heard children through the sound enhancers. In a vigil with Jez, Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigator Jez said that the group experienced some of the most extraordinary table tipping that he had witnessed, Jez remarked how the group were stunned at how the table tipped with everyone�s fingers on the edge of the table ever so lightly. Jez also mentioned that the group heard some abnormal noises through the sound enhancers, such as incarnate growling and deathly whispers that were just audible from the empty corridor. In a vigil in the cells with Jo, Lisa and Nicola were carrying out a vigil together, when all of a sudden they begun to scream terrifyingly and shouting for help, on arriving on the scene of Lisa and Nicolas distress, Rosey and Jo heard how the two girls claimed to have heard ghostly footsteps outside the cell door where no one was, on trying to open the door the girls found that the door could not be opened, this then triggered their reaction. On further investigation they then found the door to open freely and easily. What ghostly footsteps had frightened the girls and what or who had made the door impossible to open? In a vigil on the middle floor with Andy, Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigator, Andy later reflected on the activity a group of ghost hunters had witnessed. Andy asked the group of six brave ghost hunters to each call their name out in turn, and to their shock they all very clearly heard four of their names called out from the Franks box. This is not the first time we have heard this kind of phenomena from the franks box, and even now it still amazes us at the fantastic results we have heard from it. All in all it had been a very successful event, with many of our ghost hunters raving about the different varieties of activity they had witnessed and heard.