Ghost Hunting At the Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights

Once again we at Simply Ghost Nights must say a big thank you to the staff at the Fire & Police museum who are Theresa, Jane, and Andy who all helped make the event run so smoothly and were so helpful too. The night began with a tour of this old building led by Theresa who once again informed all the ghost hunters of the history of the building and some of the artefacts that are on display as well. Once the tour had finished it was time for the paranormal investigation to commence. The Fire & Police museum is one of Simply Ghost Nights favourite locations as it is usually quite active, although paranormal activity cannot be guaranteed on any ghost hunt, and on our previous visits to this eerie location we had always had the privilege of some amazing paranormal activity, would the spirits oblige once again and entertain us all with some ghostly activity, in a word 'Yes'. On the ground floor in the fire engine room with Stuart, one lucky group were treated to some really loud table tapping on request from the spirit world, the group commented that they could actually feel the knocking from under the table such was the vivacity of the tapping, the sound of the tapping was also recorded by a Belgium film crew who had their sound boom over the table to record any table tapping. Whilst the tapping was in progress Andy an ardent sceptic was seen to be grinning in bewilderment as the tapping continued as the ghost hunters requested additional tapping from the spirits of the museum. Also Joyce, Julie, Graham and Shirley were also staggered by the table tapping that occurred during that vigil. Rosey described how in a vigil in a police cell, they heard the noise of a stone been thrown in the room, whilst everyone was standing still. They inspected the ceiling for falling masonry and for crumbling areas on the ceiling but known could be found, the whole group listened intently for any more incidents of stones been thrown unfortunately none arose. Also in the cells the sound of the metal cell door opening all by itself shocked Steven, and Simon that they both came out the cell to investigate the corridor. In another vigil Mel stated that how a group of ghost hunters heard the guttural grown of a discarnate spirit. The sound of whistling was also heard by some ghost hunters in a vigil with Mel. Poignantly upstairs on the top floor a party of paranormal investigators were conducting a séance when they made contact with the spirit of a former Russian citizen called Will Lajall, who had fled Russia in 1938, when asked if this was due to the purges ordered by Josef Stalin, the glass moved to 'yes'. The spirit of Will confessed that he had been a fire chief in the city many years ago, and although he never served at the Sheffield fire & police museum he did indeed have some of his artefacts on display there. Another group had a ghostly conversation in a séance experiment with a former Spanish police officer called Deben, and whose badge number was 650, he too claimed to have an artefact in the building. This event left Carol and Sean speechless. In another vigil both Joanne and Emma claimed that their hair had in fact been stroked by the unseen hands of the spirit world. As the event came to a close and we all said our goodbyes, we all thanked the spirit world for the entertainment they had provided all of us, some ghost hunters informed us that the night had caused more questions than answers regarding life after death.