Ghost Hunting At the Sun Inn, South Hiendley, Barnsley with Simply Ghost Nights

Before we discuss the night's activity we at Simply Ghost Nights must thank Terry, Matt, Emma and Sarah because without their help and assistance the event would have not been possible. The Sun Inn is situated in the quiet village of South Hiendley in Barnsley; however it is a bit of a local ledgend of being haunted and the spirits that reside at the Sun Inn were more than happy to show us why. The activity we witnessed was truly breathtaking in as much as the whole night was active from start to finish, and even our veteran and most experienced paranormal investigator Mark, was staggered at the amount of activity we all saw at The Sun Inn. In the bar a group of ghost hunters were treated to some amazing table work, which astounded Eddie and Susan. Also the K2 meter would go off on request as well. In the main bar room a group of ghost hunters were gob smacked at the movement as the table began to move to and fro. Upstairs in the attic room in another vigil the group communicated with a spirit called Edwin, who claimed to be a resident of this lovely old village. In another vigil in the cellar one ghost hunter felt so emotional that she had to leave the cellar room. The entire group also complained of hearing a high pitched searing noise as well. And one group also heard in the cellar the distinct noise of a stone had been thrown in the cellar too. In the pool room in a table tipping experiment the table tipped at an alarming rate to the sheer delight of the whole group who witnessed the table move as it did. Also in a vigil a group of ghost hunters were treated to the K2 spiking on request as the spirits at The Sun Inn duly entertained us with their spirit activity. As our time ran out at The Sun Inn and we conferred on the tremendous amount of activity we had observed there, we all felt that the spectral beings of South Hiendley had definitely come out to play.  Simply Ghost Nights hope to host another investigation at the Sun Inn in the near Future.