Ghost Hunting At The Village, Mansfield, Simply Ghost Nights 28th November 2015.

On our sold out event at The Village in Mansfield we considered what would our guests experience on a ghost hunt at The Village with Simply Ghost Nights would it be a quiet night or a really active night. To be honest it was in the middle of the latter two options it was active for some of the night and very quiet at other times. 

And this is very much what paranormal investigating is all about it cannot be turned on like a tap.

One of our guests Kevin declared loudly that he had seen the figure of a man walking along in front of him and that it had suddenly vanished. Rob another guest also reported seeing a shadowy figure moving near some pillars and it too disappeared as though into thin air.

Guests also experienced table and glass work in most of the areas at The Village with Simply Ghost Nights. Jez remarked that a group of ghost hunters had made contact with a male spirit called Rich via the Ouija board. Rosey mentioned Ouija board communication and some excellent k2 spikes also.