Ghost Hunting At The White Hart, And The Isis Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Firstly we must say a big a thank you to Maggie the owner of The White Hart and all the staff there, for their help in making the weekend run so smoothly with their support and assistance throughout our stay. Our first paranormal investigation of what we termed the Gainsborough Ghost Fest, which was three ghost investigations in two days was at The White Hart Hotel. The hotel is a spacious four storey building steeped in history and as far as we knew there has been a building on this very site that dates back to as far as the 10th century. The entrance lobby was once used a gateway to the stables where the coach and horses would be then changed before they carried on their way, and in the meantime the travellers would visit this old coaching inn for a stopover. There have been many reports of ghostly activity at The White Hart for numerous years, and with this in mind the Simply Ghost Nights team could not resist the chance to probe into the supernatural world of The White Hart, Gainsborough. One of the most amazing incidents of activity was when a group in room 16, were calling out for spirit activity when all of a sudden the shower turned itself on in the en suite, they then proceeded to ask for the shower to be turned off which in fact it then did, to the amazement of Angela, Mel, and Lee. Another group of ghost hunters were fascinated when using the Ouija board in the function room, in attempting spirit communication the glass spelt out the name John Davies, John claimed to the group in answering their questions that he was indeed a former resident of Gainsborough, and a frequent patron of the White Hart. Most groups claimed to have witnessed some fantastic table tipping throughout the night at the event, especially in room forty where it is said that the spectral figures of ladies of the night are seen even nowadays, by the residents of Gainsborough looking through the bay window for passing trade. The spirit of one of these ladies spoke from beyond the grave in a séance to say her name was Jacqueline, and that she was in fact a prostitute, and had actually liked her job and the happy times she had at the hotel. Jacqueline also took her liking to Mark who was sat in the room at the time as well. Sean, Maggie, Karen and Steve were stunned as the table moved towards them in a table tipping experiment, when they called their names out on request for the table to move towards them. As the ghost night came to an end and we all said our goodbyes ready for the next event of the ghost fest weekend, at the Isis nightclub in Gainsborough. The Isis nightclub was once a funeral parlour in Gainsborough, and there had been reports of strange occurrences for many years, so when Maggie invited us to investigate the building how could we say no. With it's eerie past and darkened windows the Isis was the perfect location to spend an afternoon ghost hunting. A group of brave ghost hunters were calling out for spirit communication in one the many dimly lit rooms when they heard the deathly thud of footsteps in the room above. When asked about the room above Maggie, stated that the room above was empty and no one would have been up there. Also a torch was turned on and off at least seven times on request, by unseen hands to the groups astonishment. In this same room Philip mentioned that a few of the ghost hunters saw the movement of black shadows fleeting in and around the room as well. In the dance area of the Isis, another group made contact with a spirit called Eleanor, whilst using glass divination. Eleanor explained through answering the groups questions that she was happy to communicate to the group and the group also interacted with a Mr. Raven who claimed to have worked at the building many years ago. And so the afternoons ghost hunting to came to a close as we waited for our next investigation at Chesleigh House.