Ghost Hunting At Warmsworth Hall, Doncaster, With Simply Ghost Nights. - 2nd Dec 2011

With the hall packed to near capacity with some old faces and new to Simply Ghost Nights and the atmosphere was electrifying not to mention the anticipation was at fever pitch in the meet and greet and the energies were high, however would the spirit world respond in the same way and entertain the brave ghost hunters who had made their way to Warmsworth Hall. In a nutshell yes, the activity we saw, heard and with many a ghost hunter claiming to be touched by ghostly unseen hands of the spectral residents of the hall it would make for a remarkable event. In the attic a group communicated from beyond the grave by the spirit children Emily and James, this was not the first time that Simply Ghost Nights had encountered Emily and James, and yet again they thrilled the ghost hunters who communicated with them. Angela, Kerry, Heather, Gary and Steven we so taken a back with the information that the two children had given them. Mel and Simon reported some fantastic K2 work on command in a vigil in the lounge area of the Hall, Simon stated that the spikes were on command and would spike from a placid green to the bright red light on the K2. In the Cusworth Suite many ghost hunters complained of cold breezes and unexplained cold spots, Ian Simply Ghost Nights technical specialist, mentioned that he had picked up some very bizarre unexplained noises on the recording equipment. It was in the Cusworth Suite that most groups experienced an array of glass work and table tipping to the consternation and excitement of Wendy, Allison, Joan, Pat and Sarah. The spirit of a former game keeper called Peter at the hall communicated with the group, the group learned that he had worked at the hall in the 19 th century and that he really enjoyed his job. Peter also specified that he was happy to keep coming back to the hall in visitation, to check that the hall was been correctly looked after by the current hotel staff, Peter informed the group that he was happy when asked whether current manager of the Hall, Eddie was doing a good job in keeping the hall in top condition. Ian and Rosey also mentioned how in another vigil in the most active room of the night, the Cusworth Suite how the the group had to work hard with the communication but eventually they had some more amazing glass and table work to the bewilderment of Sharon, Wendy, Jane and Steven. As we were beaten for time yet again, and we all said our goodbyes we had to admit that it been an active night on the whole, as we thanked our brave ghost hunters for joining us on a paranormal investigation, and the spectral residents of the hall for their participation in communication with our ghost hunters.