Ghost Hunting At Warmsworth Hall, Doncaster, With Simply Ghost Nights On Friday the 13th of May

The Simply Ghost Nights team attempted with the guidance of their senior technical guy Ian, the task of providing a live stream of the event at Warmsworth Hall and in fact achieving their aim once the early gremlins had been dispatched with and also to have the number of viewers who actually watched the event truly staggered us all, and we thank the hundreds of ghosty fans who made the effort to watch and interact via Facebook and Twitter. This location is fast becoming a popular venue amongst the Simply Ghost Nights team and regular paranormal investigators a like. Within an idyllic setting this former country hall boasts some three floors to hold a ghost hunting event. Yet again the team must thank Eddie the manager of the hall who is always a pleasure to work with, no job is too small for Eddie and he is a credit to the Holiday Inn. With a full house at Warmsworth Hall anticipating an active night from the spirit world on such a significant date, Friday the 13 th , the atmosphere was electric. After Eddie's informative chat regarding the history of the hall and a brief tour of the building itself it was time to split up into smaller groups and commence with the paranormal investigation. There was an incident prior to the event beginning that must be mentioned, whilst Rosey was preparing the buffet alone in the room adjoining the main hall, she was suddenly stunned and frightened when the door leading to the kitchen literally slammed shut with such ferocity that Ian and Stuart who were setting up the live streaming equipment at the other end of the building, thought a door near them had in fact been kicked, when they checked to see if anyone had indeed kicked the door they found no one insight. After about ten minutes Rosey walked over to where Ian and Stuart were, with fear in her eyes, and a trembling voice she said that the door that had slammed shut, had actually been closed, on inspection we all noted that this incident could not been caused by the wind, we attempted to replicate the occurrence but try as we might we could not as the door was quite heavy and solid. Could the door have been opened and then slammed forcefully by the invisible hands of some poltergeist. Initially there was mixed reports from the team leaders regarding spirit communication with some experiencing various levels of activity, some vigils were described as flat, other groups reported the ghostly goings on were on an epic scale such as glass divination, table tipping and some K2 spikes, as we always state it's not upto us if the spectral side want to entertain or not. However as the energies heightened during the event so did the paranormal activity on a much larger scale. Michelle a regular paranormal investigator was shocked to feel the bracelet on her ankle ,slip to the floor the floor Michelle said that the bracelet had not been off her ankle in three years, did the unseen hands of a playing spirit child unclip her beloved bracelet. In Steven's group they were entertained by the spirit child by the name of Holly, when holding a séance, this experience touched the majority of the group such as Jane, Emily, Sally, and Chris. Jane later reflected on the encounter and stated on how it had affected her emotionally, as she had never encountered anything like this before as it was her first ghost hunt, but definitely not her last. Both Rosey and Mel described also in their vigils that torches were turned on and off, by unseen hands from the spirit world on request, this incident was repeated on numerous occasions during the course of the night. All team leaders mentioned extreme table tipping in the majority of their vigils and it was also reported on more than one instance that our brave ghost hunters had felt the cold breeze of a spirit blow over their faces. In the attic one brave ghost hunter called Chris screamed so loud and leapt forward that he swore blind that he had in fact turned around and saw the face of a ghostly figure, stood right behind. We had no doubt judging by Chris's reaction that he had come in close contact with something not of our world. As our ghost night came to an end and we thanked our brave ghost hunters for coming and of course the spirit world for their inter action with us, we were left to discuss the activity that had manifested at the event.