Ghost Hunting At Warmsworth Hall, Doncaster, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights

Once again we must begin with a huge thank you to the manager of the hall Eddie, who as always helped so much with the ghost event in going beyond anything we had asked of him, Eddie again gave a fascinating chat about the history of the hall as well as some of the ghostly happenings that have been reported there, some of which we ourselves the Simply Ghost nights team had witnessed there in the many events we had participated at Warmsworth hall. On our previous visits to Warmsworth Hall we had been privy to so much varying activity at this most haunted of locations such as towels been thrown, tables literally been unscrewed, knocking on attic windows, fantastic glass and table work, we as a team were so excited to be once again returning to one our favourite paranormal venues, would we be treated by the ghostly inhabitants to a comparable amount of ghostly happenings and occurrences, in a nutshell no. Initially in the bar room a group of ghost hunters experienced some fantastic table work where in fact the table literally moved across the floor to the shock and horror of Andy, this spectacle of spirit activity and strength also amazed Treena, Lee and Bev too. In the Main reception room a group of ghost hunters watched in disbelief as the k2 spiked on request from green to yellow. In the attic a group of ghost hunters were attempting a séance where they heard tapping in the corner of the room on request, and the tapping eventually manifested itself onto the table and continued to tap on request. Karen, Jan both stated that they felt as though they had been touched on the arm, and Sarah said that she thought she could see dark shadows moving in the corner of the room. The group also experienced communication with a spirit of a child who claimed to be five years old in a glass divination experiment, also in a table tipping experiment the table rocked to and fro with extreme vigour. One of the paranormal mysteries of the night was whilst one group were using the Franks box, they in turn called their names out, starting with Sarah, Eve, Kay, Richard, Karen, Stephen, Stuart and Steven. What they then heard from the Franks box astounded all of them, firstly they clearly heard Stuart's name, then Karen, Stephen, and Eve's name all mentioned, then as the excitement grew Steve's name was again clearly audible from the Franks box, this incident shocked all that heard it in the tiny atmospheric attic. The Franks box still brings up many questions about the white noise theory in using it, again by calling out eight names and hearing five repeated back in only a matter of minutes will still bring conjecture on the matter of the white noise theory, and the issue of the randomness of the Franks box. In another vigil in the sumptuous wedding hall a group experienced k2 spiking on request that went on for at least ten minutes as they group said go the 'green light' on the k2 meter the spirit of Warmsworth hall duly would. Another group were enthralled in a human pendulum experiment which entertained Derek, Barbara and Andrew, so much so it had Andrew shaking in fright at what was happening. In the Attic all 3 groups had at least one person reporting they had been touched on the arm and they all agreed it was a very determined touch. Was this James the friendly little boy who is known to reside in the attic a lot during vigils? The last hour or so of the night the spirits had decided we had indeed had enough activity and went very quiet, which was a shame as we had great expectations of what we had witnessed on our previous ghost nights at Warmsworth hall, as the time came for us all to say our goodbyes to our brave ghost hunters we considered that in our goal for spirit communication sometimes we are privileged in what we do and what we witness that sometimes we should lower our expectations as the spirit world can not turn on the activity as we want.