Ghost Hunting At Whitely Hall Sheffield, With Simply Ghost Nights 28th January 2012. - 28th Jan 2012

This was Simply Ghost Nights first but definitely not the last ghost hunting event at this eerie old Hall in Sheffield. The hall has an atmospheric feeling with the dark panelled walls, the imposing grand fire places and the old leaded windows to start with. With this in mind the team could not wait to explore the ghostly depths and past of Whitely hall. With a packed house of excited and some apprehensive ghost hunters waiting to begin, the paranormal investigation at this splendid building. Firstly we must thank the staff of the hall for their help and assistance in ensuring the event ran so professionally. After the initial introduction of the team and a quick chat regarding the equipment, it was time for the ghost night to commence. We began with a vigil in the main hall with the group all stood in a large circle we began to call out for spirit activity. We did hear some tapping but it was hard to tell if this was just the building itself contracting and expanding, however we then moved onto an experiment of human pendulum. The results were stunning with Mandy and Samantha both claiming simultaneously to be moved as the human pendulum, it is said that the spirits who want to communicate can push or pull a participant in accordance with questions asked from a ghost hunter. In this experiment we made contact with the spirit of a lady who claimed to have worked at the hall in the 19 th century. Both Mandy and Samantha stated that they felt they were being pushed or pulled from around their back area. With this as an entree to our ghost event what would the spirits of Whitely hall serve up for a main course and a dessert to our would be ghost hunters. In a vigil with Rosey and Jo in the main function room where they were conducting an ouija board experiment, where to their utter surprise they clearly all heard the sound of a nearby door handle turn, as they went to inspect who had turned the door handle and on reaching the door to see who the culprit was, but to Rosey's surprise no one was at the door or in the corridor, this had the group flabbergasted especially Tracey and Sally who could not believe that no one was actually at the door. In a vigil with Andy and Jez with the ouija board using the planchette they made spirit contact with Carl, who informed the group that he had passed over in 1972 when he was thirty eight years of age and had worked in the area. Carl revealed that when asked if he was the culprit for the tobacco smell that the group could suddenly smell, the planchette moved to yes in confirmation. Both Andy and Jez both spoke of how Carl kept the group entertained with answers to their questions. In one of the smaller function rooms both Stuart and Steve in separate vigils mentioned how they both witnessed some fantastic table tipping experiments, Steve told how the table rocked to and fro in response to questions asked by the group. Steve also spoke of how group heard some fantastic tapping on request in this room, which Stuart also confirmed his group of Jane, Kat, Jo, Annette, and Emma had witnessed some fantastic K2 spiking where the green light would move from green to red, in response to calling out in the little function room too. In room 16 with Rosey and Jo a group of ghost hunters were stunned when the green laser pen used detect spirit movement started to turn off and on request, however even more perplexing was the fact the end of the pen started to twist and turn, producing a different configuration of light for all to see. This had the group watching in disbelief at the changing shapes of green light being emitted on to the wall. In the atmospheric room ten which is now used as a bedroom, Stuart was holding a vigil with the group carrying out an ouija board experiment, where the group made spirit contact with a child, however as Kerry, Tracey, Dean, Hannah, and Jane were using the glass Angela who was sat on the bed holding a K2 meter, suddenly shrieked and exclaimed that her hair had been pulled by unseen hands, Angela stated that it felt that her hair had actually been pulled to her amazement. On the whole it had been quite an active night with successful spirit communication table tipping, ouija board, K2 and other experiments, however as Stuart and Rosey turned in for the night after the event in the exquisite bridal suite, as they retired to bed they called out for spirit activity and clearly heard two very audible loud taps. The Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait for the return to Whitely hall, to investigate which spirits would attempt spirit communication.