Ghost Hunting At York Dungeons, 18th March 2017

Simply Ghost Nights returned to The York Dungeons for a second time and we were hoping the spirits would as playful and active once more as they were on our first visit.

All groups reported activity in most areas with the welcome area providing examples of table work and a bizarre green light was seen on two occasions with no apparent reason for them. A group also commented that the small side door opened mysteriously in the main room too, to all in the rooms shock.

Fluctuating temperature drops and strange breezes were recorded in the mirrors with R.E.M. pods alarming out. Upstairs the spirit of a female spirit called Florence made her presence known to a group of ghost hunters.

In the Dick Turpin room during a glass and table tipping experiment another group of guests made contact with a spirit called Pat. Also in the mirrors a number of groups spoke of seeing shadows moving in the form of a tall woman as well.

Once more the spirits of The York Dungeons had entertained our guests and we look forward to our return on the 13th May 2017